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Obama test drives Volt 40 no 10 feet.

Update, looks more like about 10 feet.

You can file this in the “WTF is up with that folder.” Yes that’s right, not 4,000 feet, not 400 feet, but a whopping 40 feet! Now that’s what I call a “test drive!” ….and what did he have to say after this “long” test drive?

“Some of you saw me drive the Volt about 12 inches; they don’t let me drive much these days.”

I can’t wait for his review in the upcoming issue of Car & Driver. Insane. Sources: USA Today, Detroit Free Press


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Chelsea Clinton Wedding – Hide the silverware!

Uh oh.  I have nothing against Chelsea Clinton and wish here a good marriage, like they say “you can’t blame the child for the sins of the father” or something like that.

Speaking of father, it seems her soon-to-be father-in-law isn’t exactly what you’d want to call a stellar example of a good citizen. According to Mail Online…..

Miss Clinton’s father-in-law Ed Mezvinsky is a convicted fraudster who served five years in jail and was branded a ‘one-man crime wave’ by prosecutors over a £7million scam.

This “one man crime wave” didn’t just ripoff strangers or banks or investors either.

When it was first mooted in 2006 that Miss Clinton and Ed Mezvinsky would get married, his father was still serving his jail sentence for stealing from friends and family after losing millions to Nigerian e-mail scams.

According to Zimbio he’s the guy who invented the Nigerian scam.

Mezvinsky was a Philadelphia lawyer and self-styled international businessman who in some ways was a pioneer scam artist. Before the Nigerian advance fee scam became a ubiquitous experience in Americans’ email in-boxes, Mezvinsky was deftly executing the scam in real-time, convincing victims to hand over large amounts of cash based on his close connections to the Clinton family.

If you’ve been invited to the wedding and an elderly gentleman starts telling you about how he can get his hands on $20 million in a Swiss bank account that’s been abandoned but needs $500k to bribe Swiss bank officials, run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.

Sources: Mail Online, Zimbio

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CNN can’t stand the competition?

Well the anti-blogger people just keep popping up. Today we have two of CNN’s anchors calling for a “crackdown on bloggers” that you can watch for yourself in the above video.

Evidently Kyra Phillips and John Robert’s must not like the competition, which appears to be a growing trend, one that I’d think would only happen in places like China, not in the US.

This certainly adds to the suspicious nature and timing of things happening with blogs such as iPBFree and Blogetery going offline, the EU wanting to crack down on bloggers who are skeptical of global warming, an attorney in Las Vegas who wants to sue bloggers.  We now have some CNN talking heads wanting to crack down on bloggers.  You have to really start wondering WTF is going on here when one form of media wants to start cracking down on another form of media. Regardless what media we talk about, it’s an Insane Minds thing to have one dissing the other.  It’s like they’re saying we’re better than you and our first amendment rights should not be infringed, but you? Well, you’re a lowly blogger, you shouldn’t have any rights at all.

CNN is  using the Shirley Sherrod incident as an example of the blogosphere running wild. But was it really the blogosphere running wild? Or, was it the Obama Administration freaking out that caused the problem? They got her to resign, not the blogosphere.

The head of the USDA also admitted jumping the gun without investigating any claims being made about the video.

The NAACP were “appalled” by her actions before they bothered to look into it. The latter is a concept I find especially hilarious since they’re the one’s who had the original tape and one would think that someone there would have had the thought to look at the original tape before they got all instantly “appalled” about it.

It seems all three were more interested in covering their asses, in a hurry. But now that Shirley has been deemed innocent by the mainstream media, they’re now in another big hurry to cover their asses. What better scapegoats than bloggers?

All three entities have apologized to her, which is very telling. To say the least is that all three put their collective foots in their collective mouths about this whole incident.

What I find amusing is that I haven’t heard CNN offering an apology, yet they’re quick on the trigger to point the fickle finger of fate at the bloggers. Somehow I think they should worry about cleaning up their own mess before they start casting aspersions elsewhere. They act like most of the liberals in America,  they can’t accept the blame for anything, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Regarding who broadcast what, where and when, we get this from Wikipedia, which can be found here if you want to read the whole bloody mess…..

The Breitbart video was first broadcast that evening on the The O’Reilly Factor, a talk show on the Fox News Channel.[12] Bill O’Reilly stated that Sherrod should resign.[12]. At the time of the taping of the show, news of Sherrod’s resignation had not yet been reported, nor had the NAACP yet released the full video. However, the program was not broadcast until after Sherrod resigned and O’Reilly’s staff confirmed that fact by corresponding with the USDA.[17] The video was mentioned again on Hannity and On the Record with Greta Van Susteren (both on Fox) as well as on Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360 (both on CNN).[18]

So who did what?  Who’s the naughty network on the block? Everyone’s been yelling about Fox, yet CNN is acting like they should be called the NVN (News Virgins Network) instead of CNN (Communist News Network).  I found this little tidbit at Mediaite, which can be found here if you want to read their whole article that again, goes into more detail than I am here…..

And that doesn’t mean FNC was the only one to mention the story Monday night either. It was referenced by a guest on Larry King Live, and Anderson Cooper did have a brief segment as well on CNN. By Tuesday morning, all three cable networks were leading with the Sherrod video. (The original one because the “full” version hadn’t been out yet)

It doesn’t sound like CNN is very innocent to me.  Here’s more…..

On Tuesday, FNC covered the story a lot – 39 times according to TV Eyes. MSNBC covered it 21 times, but CNN? They mentioned Shirley Sherrod 63 times.

Yes, good old sweet and innocent CNN, who broacast about this 63 times.

CNN having the audacity to complain about bloggers causing all these problems seems to me to be the proverbial case of the drill calling the hammer a “tool.”  Sounds more like CNN is the “tool” in the shed if you get my meaning.

You have to also just “love” this quote from Phillips which shows you the hypocrisy at CNN…..

“There’s going to have be a point in time where these people have to be held accountable,” Phillips said. “How about all these bloggers that blog anonymously? They say rotten things about people and they’re actually given credibility, which is crazy. They’re a bunch of cowards, they’re just people seeking attention.”

Gee Kyra, wasn’t CNN reporting all this “rotten” stuff, too? Oh, that’s right, we’re supposed to forget about all that aren’t we? CNN is pure as those 72 virgins that martyred muslims get.

If you want a second timeline on who did what, when, that’s in more detail, you can go here to Media Matters where they have a timeline on the whole thing. As you can see CNN was right in there Monday along with everyone else.

Based upon the Media Matters timeline, it appears that CNN didn’t start heading in the “she’s innocent” direction until 5:20 PM the following day (Tuesday). Therefore I can’t fathom how CNN can claim righteous indignation about bloggers when they were doing the same thing everybody else was.

I can only surmise that they either think they’re better than everybody else, or that they have  different first amendment rights than bloggers.

It’s premature to be pronouncing anyone innocent or guilty, including Shirley Sharrod as there just seems to be more and more things coming out about the whole incident, including more allegations about Mrs. Sharrod and her husband.  You can hit the links to see what I refer to as I’m not getting into it.

This is only about the seeming meglomania at CNN.

Sources: I Hate the Media, I Hate the Media, Wikipedia, Mediaite, Media Matters, YouTube

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Muslim Cleric loves Hitler – hates Jews

OK, so is this an example of the “religion of peace?” Has this guy been hitting the hash-pipe too much? I cant’ fathom so much vituperation.  I can’t believe this dude doesn’t have foam coming out of his mouth. He has to be an Insane Mind.

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It’s the end of the blog as we know it?

No it's not Hannibal, it's a blogger of the future!

It seems like 2010 may perhaps go down in history as a year of astoundingly screwy things happening to the internet. Is this going to be the end of the blog as we know it?

Bloggers seem to be the bane of many who are in power in one way or another. Obama doesn’t seem to like us much, nor do the “warmers” who are really ticked off about the numerous bloggers who don’t believe in global warming. I’m sure many of us give fits to many we oppose.

As of late we seem to be having some “coincidences” going on with blogs that concerns me. It seems the thumb-screws are getting tightened, perhaps to the point where we will not be able to type about much anymore unless it has someone’s seal of approval.

First, we had iPBFree disappear into what seems like a black hole, no explanation, thus far just rumors that they might have been taken down for software violations, RIAA violations, tender of service violations, child pornography, terrorists activity and I’ve even seen one rumor that they went bankrupt.

Then, Blogetery disappeared on July 9, 2010, and thus far hasn’t been seen back in business. There were many rumors afoot, but the accepted explanation is that the FBI sent a letter regarding terrorist activity on the Blogetery server that they ran. Then depending upon what explanation you want to believe someone at either misunderstood the letter to mean they had to shut the Blogetery server down, or they terminated it because Blogetery wasn’t being responsible in policing their site. Supposedly may let Blogetery have their stuff back and make 70,000+ bloggers happy as it appears many never backed their sites up. I  just clicked on and got the below message.

“After being BurstNet customer for 7 months our server was terminated without any notification or explanation.

You can find more information on CNN, BBC, Fox News, Cnet,, etc.

We have managed to get our data back. We will be back online in few days!”

We also now have the EU taking aim at bloggers who are skeptical about global warming.  They actually seem to have the intent of passing a law that makes being a global warming skeptic a criminal act. This could make China sound down-right internet friendly if it does pass. It will also set a precedent. If they get away with it then what will be censored or made criminal next? Your guess is as good as mine, but if it pisses off someone in the government or someone with a lot of financial clout, you can bet there will be more instances.

So what next? Well it seems we now get a lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada who’s decided he can get filthy-rich filing copyright lawsuits against bloggers who copy from any of the newspapers he represents. I use the word “filthy” because it’s going to be dirty money he’s getting as far as I’m concerned. So who are we dealing with?

His name is Steve Gibson, he started a firm called Righthaven and they’re going surfing for dollars from bloggers. Find poor little bloggers who dare to cut and paste some stuff from any of the newspapers he purports to represent and he’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll sue your ass off. I think he’d rather you agree to a modest settlement, like a few grand and he’s the new owner of your website. Money in his bank and not much expense involved other than some scare tactics. I would imagine that the target group will be small bloggers who don’t have the wherewithal to hire a lawyer but who’ll cough up some cash to avoid spending their retirement fund on legal fees.

According to this article from Wired Magazine, he’s already suing people. You can read all the ins and outs of what his plan of attack is there. I’m not talking about the details, I’m talking about the chilling effect this could have on blogging.

Is this guy really doing this of his own volition? Is he doing this at the behest of the news media? Is he doing this at the behest of someone in the government or other powerful people or an organization who’s using him as a front man? You look at his photo at Wired Magazine and tell me. Does he look smart enough to have come up with such a grand scheme to you? I’ll leave you to decide.

If you think about his plan, it’s certainly a terrific way to silence bloggers. He’s already gotten some settlements and has other lawsuits in the works, with more planned. With all the bloggers about I hope he has a very large staff of attorneys at his beck and call, otherwise he may find himself in over his head. Why? Well, Technorati’s 2008 report on the blogosphere counts  more than 112.8 million blogs out there, and that’s probably not all of them plus it is now 2010.

Were I someone in power in government or someone with a lot of cash to spread around (you can pick your own “Dr. Evil” from a long list of New World Order and other types), it would sound like a beautiful plan to me.  You remain invisible, hire a shill, and hide behind the law, who will force what could be thousands that you don’t like to shut down. Talk about getting rid of the competition, not to mention with 112.8+ million blogs out there you have lifetime job security.

I would call it “legal blackmail.” The “shill” will get to go after people you want to STFU, and make some big dollars as a side benefit. I call it “legal blackmail” because if you sent a threatening letter to someone whose blog you didn’t like you’d be tossed in jail for blackmail. Hire an attorney to do it for you? No problem. You get to pass go, say hi to the Judge and collect a big wad of cash. You don’t even need that old get out of jail free card if you’re a lawyer you can rest easy, the legal system has your back. As long as an attorney is doing the blackmail it’s perfectly OK in many instances.

Right now, from what I read, Gibson’s “client” is Stephens Media, LLC in Arkansas. They own the following media. If you’re a blogger you might want to consider never quoting from any of their papers or their “shill,” “attorney,” or whatever term you like, may be sending you a message you don’t want to get.


  • Booneville Democrat – Booneville, AR
  • Cabot Star-Herald – Cabot, AR
    • Cabot Weekly
  • Carlisle Independent – Carlisle, AR
  • Charleston Express – Charleston, AR
  • Fayetteville Free Weekly – Fayetteville, AR
  • Greenwood Democrat – Greenwood, AR
  • Hot Springs Village Voice – Hot Springs Village, AR
  • Jacksonville Patriot – Jacksonville, AR
  • Lonoke Democrat – Lonoke, AR
  • Morning News of Northwest Arkansas – Springdale, AR
  • Paris Express – Paris, AR
  • Pine Bluff Commercial – Pine Bluff, AR
    • The Market Place
    • The White Hall Progress
  • Press Argus Courier – Van Buren, AR
    • Alma Journal
  • Sherwood Voice – Sherwood, AR
  • Southwest Times Record – Fort Smith, AR
  • The Maumelle Monitor – Maumelle, AR
  • The Times – North Little Rock, AR
  • Van Buren County Democrat – Clinton AR
  • Washington County Newspapers
    • The Lincoln Leader
    • The Prairie Grove Enterprise
    • The Farmington Post


  • 808 Classifieds – Hilo, HI
  • Big Island Weekly – Hilo, HI
  • Hawaii Tribune-Herald – Hilo, HI
  • North Hawaii News – Waimea, HI
  • West Hawaii Today – Kailua-Kona, HI
    • North Hawaii News
    • Big Island, HI
    • Westside Weekly


  • McDonald County Newspapers
    • The Anderson Graphic The Goodman News-Dispatch
    • The McDonald County News-Gazette
    • The McDonald County Press
    • The Southwest City Republic
    • El Tiempo


  • Ely Times – Ely, NV
  • Eureka Sentinel – Eureka, NV
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal – Las Vegas, NV
    • View Neighborhood Newspapers
    • El Tiempo
    • Las Vegas CityLife
    • Las Vegas Business Press
    • Rebel Nation
    • New Homes Guide
    • Luxury Las Vegas
    • Southern Nevada Home And Garden Magazine
    • Nifty Nickel
    • Neighborhood Shopper
    • Jobs Today Weekly
  • Pahrump Valley Times – Pahrump, NV
  • Tonopah Times-Bonanza – Tonopah, NV

North Carolina

  • Courier-Tribune – Asheboro, NC


  • Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise – Bartlesville, OK
  • Pawhuska Journal-Capital – Pawhuska, OK


  • The Daily Herald – Columbia, TN
    • The Advertiser News Of Spring Hill And Thompson’s Station
    • Franklin Life
    • Brentwood Life


  • Anna-Melissa Tribune – Anna, TX
  • Herald Democrat – Sherman, TX
    • Grayson County Shopper
  • Lake Texoma Life – Van Alstyne, TX
  • Prosper Press – Prosper, TX
  • Van Alstyne Leader – Van Alstyne, TX


  • The Daily World – Aberdeen, WA
    • The North Coast News
    • The South Beach Bulletin
    • East County News
  • The Montesano Vidette – Montesano, WA

It’s too early to tell if we have coincidences or a conspiracy, a creative attorney or a “shill.”  I do think the compass needle is pointing in the conspiracy direction. Time will tell. If we start having more “coincidences” I’m really going to start wondering what is happening to the first amendment.

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T-shirt of the week!

Here is the t-shirt of the week.  I just got it in an e-mail, so it’s going around the web.  I just couldn’t resist posting it. It speaks for itself.

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BP: “Plug the damn pie-hole!

Obama: “Plug the damn hole!”                                          BP: Plug the damn pie-hole!”

Seems BP just isn’t content with its semi-successfull plugging of the hole at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, they are alleged to now want to plug scientist’s pie holes in what appears to be an effort to prevent scientist from testifying against them in the 300 or so lawsuits they currently are facing over the Gulf oil spill.

From the Telegraph we get this.

Researchers hired by the oil giant were reportedly asked to sign “restrictive” contracts for work designed to protect the company from more than 300 lawsuits in the wake of the slick.

It was claimed that contained within the contracts were clauses restricting scientists from publishing any academic research undertaken for the oil giant, sharing them with other researchers or even talking about them for as long as three years.

Prof Cary Nelson, the head of the American Association of Professors, accused the oil giant of making “hugely destructive” decisions.

Nice, first we get BP-Iwantmylifebackgate,then BP-Sailboatgate,  BP Photoshopgate, then BP-Lockerbiebombergate, now we get BP-Silencegate. It appears we’re going to have BP-Trustfundgate next, as I see allegations of them trying to slow the process down to give the people they’ve put out of work assistance.

Of course with Kenneth Feinberg running the trust find it certainly sounds possible. He doesn’t appear to have the cojones to stand up to Wall Street, so I have to wonder if BP is going to make him their sissy-boy, or perhaps already have done so.

Do you think anyone in charge at BP ever took an ethics class in college? I have to ask. Seems to fit what’s going on, it’s like they’re clueless about doing the right thing. They’re making Richard Nixon look like the epitome of honesty.

If you want to see the alleged contract for yourself, it’s here (PDF) at the BBC website.  They even highlighted the offending parts in yellow.

BP evidently doesn’t just want to silence individual scientists, per the below they want to silence whole departments at colleges.

American newspaper reports also claimed that BP attempted to hire the entire marine sciences department at southern US university.

Bob Shipp, head of marine sciences at the University of South Alabama, who was offered one of the contracts, said BP wanted his whole department.

He said that after he stipulated that his team would have complete academic freedom he never heard from BP’s lawyers again.

That certainly makes for a good case that BP wasn’t THAT interested in securing their services.  BP, of course, is claiming they are innocent as the pure-driven snow.

But New Orleans environmental lawyer Joel Waltzer looked over the contract and said BP’s statement did not match up.

“They’re the ones who control the process. They’re depriving the public of the data and the transparency that we all deserve.”

We have a Professor Mendelsson who would work for them for his regular hourly fee.  He has to have the quote of the year below.

“Good scientists, they’re going to be giving their opinions based on the facts and they are not going to bias their opinions. What’s most important is credibility.”

Too bad the IPCC doesn’t hire this guy to head up their next report.  I think I might trust what he said. Basing opinions on the facts? What a novel idea that would be at certain institutions of the global warming persuasion.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this as I feel it certainly warrants more investigation.

Insane Minds indeed!

Sources: Telegraph, BBC, Wikipedia

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