Lockerbie Bomber Still Ticking

You have to love this one.  We have a guy who blows up a jet full of people over Scotland and the Brits release him.  Like a Timex watch, he’s still ticking! Why? He supposedly has terminal prostate cancer and was given 3 months to live by some British quacks. The Brits wanted to be compassionate, so they let him go back to Libya to die in peace with his family. My, how sweet of them. Talk about mamby-pamby.

Did the 270 people he murdered die in peace with their families?  Hell no!  They didn’t even get to say goodbye.  They were here one minute and gone the next. Poof! What about the compassion for them? Huh? See part of what’s left of the plane in the photo?  Could anyone who doesn’t have an insane mind really even entertain the thought of releasing this guy, much less actually release him?

Amazingly, this guy is still walking around even though the doctor(s) who treated him said he’d croak very soon, which certainly wouldn’t be soon enough. Per this article at CNN, the British Government is now saying it was a “mistake.” Mistake? Dear British Government….can you say “duh?” While the article notes rumors of a deal to protect British interest in Libya you still have to ask….Dear British Government….can you day “duh?” Regardless the reason, did you not think that people just might get a little ticked-off and suspicious when this guy didn’t croak like he was supposed to? Duh?

It’s another reason we have an insane mind.  Decisions such as this make me crazy.  You have to wonder if the doctors who diagnosed this have ADD or something, and if  the people who decided to release this piece of crap have any brains? You full well know that none of them will have any problems over this, even though the responsible people should be at the very least fired.  My very best response to them would be to round them all up and have them serve the rest of this guys sentence. But neither will happen. They’ll all go on their merry way making more “mistakes” while getting paid for them along with a nice pension when they retire, which is something else those 270 people who got blown to smithereens didn’t get to do.

There was a line in a Clint Eastwood movie “Unforgiven” that is very poignant. “When you kill a man you take away everything he’s got and everything he’s ever gonna have.” That’s certainly what happened here, only it was men and women and it was done 270 times, not 1, not 2, 270! How this guy deserves any compassion whatsoever is beyond my scope of thinking. I”m sure him and Gaddafi are laughing their butts off over this because they really pulled off a good one, regardless the reason the Brits released this guy.

This is why I like capital punishment.  If they had offed him the morons in charge couldn’t have done anything other than bury or cremate him. But this is not the case over in mamby-pamby land.

All I can say is I sincerely hope this a-hole dies a slow miserable death. After killing 270 people, he at least deserves that.  Something the Brits evidently don’t get.

Source of my vituperation: CNN


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