Discrimination, it’s not only a white problem.

One would think that a person who belongs to a race that has been on the receiving end of discrimination would be one of the last people on the planet to do the same thing to someone else. Well, guess what? In this case it didn’t happen. As you can see per the above video of Shirley Sherrod describing how in the case of a white farmer, she “didn’t give him the full force of what I could do.”  That’s blatant discrimination, that she blatantly told a whole room full of NAACP members about, who blatantly ignored it, until Big Government and Fox reported it.

This is 2010, we have a black president, what you just did gives people more of an excuse to discriminate against blacks Shirley and NAACP members. You just can’t do shit like this anymore if you want to be taken seriously. Now it’s on YouTube, it’s on Fox, it’s all over the internet. All this type of thing does is it gives some people, who are just looking for any excuse, another reason to mistrust and dislike our black president and black people in general. This type of behavior hurts way more than it helps.

Shirley made these remarks at the NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet back on March 27, 2010.  It’s now July 20, 2010. this is almost 4 months later, no one did a damn thing until this video came out yesterday (July 19) at Big Government. Evidently no one at that NAACP meeting was “appalled” enough to do anything about it. Why? I guess it’s OK with them.

Now we have the head of the NAACP announcing they’re “appalled.” That’s fine. I’ll assume that NAACP HQ probably was unaware of this, like most everyone else in the country was. I hope their actions about this don’t just end with being “appalled.” Stuff like this doesn’t help them one iota. I’d offer the suggestion that some changes need to be made and the sooner the better, which I think would be almost automatic if they’re truly “appalled.”

Shame on the USDA, too.  Apparently they were completely clueless about this woman’s actions (or inactions), and while they accepted her resignation, I have to ask why did no one pick up on her attitude about white people until the video came out?  Does the USDA hire a person as Director of Rural Development in Georgia, with a $1 billion budget and not do some screening or keep tabs on what’s going on? Was it not explained to this woman how the US Government is for all the people of the US and that we’re all to receive equal treatment? Evidently not.

It would have been a lot nicer to be reporting on how this woman was at a NAACP meeting and that she set a good example by letting the people in the room know that she made sure her agency helped everyone, regardless of race or sex, equally. Sadly that’s not the case.

Talk about some Insane Minds.

Source: Big Government

Source: Fox News


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