Discrimination Update

There is a lot more to the story about Ms. Shirley Sherrod than first saw the light.  The video in the original post was missing, conveniently or not, the last part of the video. I have the new “whole” video above.  Supposedly it is the NAACP approved version, whatever that means. (Meaning after finding out the first video was edited, who knows if anyone else got creative with this version?)

So, now you can hear the purported “whole video” for yourself and perhaps reach some of your own conclusions, something I’m currently unable to do until some more dust settles on all of this. So, I’m not going to comment on it for now, as there’s a lot of sorting out to do before I draw any further conclusions and it’s possible that over the next few days more things will be dragged out into the daylight.

This whole thing is evidence that we have a lot of Insane Minds running about.

Sources: YouTube


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