No wonder Social Security is going broke!

You have to find this one amazing, but considering the way our government runs, perhaps it’s more like the norm.

We have government employees double-dipping the Social Security Adminstration. They go on disability, collect disability payments, and go to work while they’re supposed to be disabled. From Fox News this morning we get this…..

Hundreds of federal employees may have improperly reaped millions in Social Security disability benefits, according to a government watchdog that caught workers at several major agencies pocketing fraudulent payments.

The Government Accountability Office issued a report that showed at least 1,500 federal employees may have wrongly received benefits. The group’s investigation, which focused on two Social Security programs for people who have limited incomes due to disabilities, found several specific cases in which beneficiaries were earning well above the income cap while still receiving benefits. In one case, a Transportation Security Administration screener was overpaid $108,000, according to the report.

TSA employee? That’s even worse in my opinion. These are the people who are employed by Homeland Security, the people who are supposed to be checking for no-no’s on airplanes, the people who work for an agency that’s supposed to have a handle on the what the terrorists are up to. I would imagine (or should I say hope) that the TSA does a rigorous screening of all new-hires. I can’t say for certain, but wouldn’t you think that if they’re hiring someone they’d at least check to make sure they’re not “disabled” and collecting benefits from another government agency before they hire them? I guess not!

Another reason? I guess the Social Security Administration doesn’t bother to check on this stuff.

“SSA’s internal controls did not prevent improper and fraudulent payments,” the GAO said

I hope some people are made to pay the SSA back if it was an “error” and that they’re prosecuted for fraud if it was deliberate. But you watch, this will probably disappear from sight, never to be heard about again.

I’m especially incensed about this because my wife is trying to get disability payments from them.  She had 3 surgeries, and was never released to go back to work by any of her doctors. When her state disability ran out, she applied to Social Security and was flat denied disability payments. She doesn’t even want them to continue as she’s been released since this all happened. She just wants what’s due to her while she was unable to work.

Then the government wonders why people get so pissed off at them.  Someone who is really disabled, is due disability, has worked and paid into the system for in excess of 30 years gets arbitrarily denied by some bonehead who can’t fathom what “under a doctor’s care and not released to go back to work” means, but the same type of boneheads that work there will keep on sending payments to people who are back to work.

She has actually had to hire an attorney that specializes is this to try to get what is rightfully hers.  She now has to go to a hearing.  If successful, the attorney will get about 1/3 of the disability she should have gotten to begin with. Of course, they won’t pay for attorney’s fees, because they’re the government.

Catch 22 rears its ugly head again. Or, perhaps this is a until now unknown part of the Obama Administrations economic stimulus package?

Regardless it’s more Insane Minds.

Source: Fox News



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2 responses to “No wonder Social Security is going broke!

  1. goddessoflubbock

    Same old story being dredged up again. And it’s not even true – social security is not going broke.

    Limping out the story about the wife again – guess what? Not released back to work means *nothing*. It certainly doesn’t mean disabled. And she DID go back to work, so the SSA was correct.

    SSDI is not for temporary illness or disease. If you are going to get better you are not entitled. End of story.

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