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Voter Fraud Alerts

I will be adding links to this all weekend as more evidence of voter fraud arises.

Fight Vote Fraud: 1-877-794-0004

From Politico: Google voting app sends voters to wrong polling place (Editor: How convenient is that?)

From Fox: Electronic Voting Machines Register Early Concerns

Fox News: Voter fraud app released for smart phones

Fox News: Minnesota investigating voter fraud allegations involving mentally disabled

From the Bangor Daily News: Bangor police officer denied right to vote after refusing to surrender weapon

From the Troy Record: Ed Weaver: Examples of voter fraud across the country

From Michelle Malkin: Unhinged Perriello/Obama supporter rips up GOP signs, screams “You f**king House nigger white-black bitch!”

From Fox News: Miller Campaign Claims Tape Shows Reporters Trying to Connect Him to ‘Child Molesters’

From Canada Free Press: Vote Fraud Threatens Election Outcome: An Interview with Hans von Spakovsky

From Fox News: Justice Department to Send Election Observers (Goonsquad) to Arizona as Concern Rises About Illegal Voters

From Bluegrass Pundit: Left Wing SEIU groups flood Arizona with fraudulent last minute voter registrations.

From Big Government: Sheila Jackson Lee’s Thug Tactics Against Law-Abiding Poll Watchers Doomed to Backfire.

From Black Five: Military Voters Win Victory in Maryland.

From Not Evil Just Wrong: Prop 23 Language Wrong on Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots.

From Fox News: New Voter Problems Reported.

From Atlas Shrugs: 15 Missouri Counties have more voters than population.

From Gateway Pundit: AZ GOP finds 1 in 4 last-minute voter registrations are fraudulent.

From National Review Online/ Michelle Malkin: The Left’s voter-fraud whitewash.

From Faulk for Congress: Arizona and Colorado Also Reporting Voter Fraud: Marxist Groups Blamed in Arizona.


From Mother Jones: Complaint: Elderly Black Voters Intimidated at Home.


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“Convenient” Terrorist Timing?

Call me suspicious, but I find it a rather amazing coincidence that on the Friday before the elections on November 2nd, which promise to devastate the Democrats, we suddenly find ourselves with planes flying into the United States with alleged explosive devices on them.

Were it a few months ago, or after the election, then perhaps I wouldn’t be suspicious about the timing. But, if you think about it, this will surely keep the talking heads beating their gums on all the news channels all weekend long and probably Monday and part of  Tuesday. Networks such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC will be running this into the ground 24 x 7 for days.

Don’t you find it astoundingly “convenient” that we have these alerts of  alleged explosive devices on planes with at least one plane being escorted by the Air Force until landing on the Friday before an election that looks like it will be  an election slaughter for the Democrats? What better way to keep the finger-pointing in another direction and obfuscate things?

This could “conveniently”  accomplish the following:

  • Gets the voters looking at something else instead of considering what a failure the Obama administration  and the Democrats are, which could prevent some defections by taking voters minds off that subject.
  • Gets them to ignore or minimize the allegations already flying around about voter fraud.
  • Gets the mainstream media talking about something else all weekend keeping everyone’s mind on another subject and minimizing any damage from the conservatives.
  • Lets the Obama administration look like they’re riding to the rescue, doing their job and protecting us citizens by “conveniently” finding out about all this on the Friday before the election. It will perhaps leave the thought in the voter’s mind that the Obama administration and the Democrats are doing an excellent job protecting US soil.

I base my suspicions also upon the fact that the average US citizen trusts the Republicans to protect us more than the Democrats. So, why would any self-respecting Al Queda terrorist want to do anything that would play into the hands of the Republicans and possibly cause any problems for the Muslim-friendly Obama administration and Democrats? Think the terrorists are that stupid? Think they would actually do something that might cause more voters to check the box with the “R” on their ballot? I think not.

Moreover, you have to wonder why any terrorists wouldn’t love the fact that the Obama administration isn’t doing much about containing our borders with Canada and Mexico. Not to mention why they wouldn’t love the fact that the Obama administration wants to take terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay military tribunals and have them tried as mere criminals in the US Courts, giving them legal advantage and allowing them a bully pulpit to spout their terrorist propaganda from. Do you think they want to make Obama look bad and risk having all these “perks” taken away? Again, I think not.

No I have to say I’m very suspicious about all this. I don’t know about you but I wonder who really put those packages on those planes? Al Queda terrorists? Or, perhaps someone friendly to the Obama administration?

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Happy Birthday Ahmadinejad – WTF?

Just when you think the Obama administration can’t do anything more to leave you speechless, they come up with a new one that exceeds their previous efforts.

Why in the hell would someone in the United States Department of State wish this ominous little turd who runs around in a dated “Members Only” type jacket a happy birthday?

If one was going to wish him happy birthday I’d think the appropriate present would be a cruise missile through his bedroom window at about 4AM.

I’d wager that Bill O’Reilly would agree that the “P” in P.J. Crowley must stand for “pinhead” and certainly not “patriot” and that the “J” must stand for jerk.

Yet another reason we need an incumbent bloodbath on November 2nd.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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Did you hear about the new French tank?


New French Tank has 1 speed forward and 6 in reverse.

There an old but apparently relevant joke that goes: Did you hear about the new French tank? It has one speed forward and 6 speeds backwards. Obviously used for those fast French retreats.


Today this is proven true. Osama bin Laden goes “boo” just in time for Halloween and the French immediately pull out of Afghanistan. Per the Christian Science Monitor we get this tidbit of information……

France is leaving Afghanistan. Though President Obama has committed to reducing America’s footprint in Afghanistan beginning July 2011, the withdrawal of another ally is likely to add an additional layer of challenge to maneuver that reduction. And the timing of the announcement has put France’s decision under some scrutiny.

Of course Bin Laden had nothing to do with their decision….haha!

France’s announcement came a day after the release of a tape with a message believed to be from Osama Bin Laden, who threatened to attack French citizens because of their presence in Afghanistan and treatment of Muslims. French officials were quick to insist that there is “absolutely no link” between the threat and their decision to begin withdrawing troops in 2011.

So what did Bin Laden say that scared the French-fries out of them?

“The equation is very clear and simple: as you kill, you will be killed; as you take others hostages, you will be taken hostages,” said bin Laden in a part of the tape given to Al Jazeera.

Glad I’m not French, I’d be very embarrassed over this one.

Source: Christian Science Monitor


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Breaking Point – 25 Minutes that will change America

Watch the Breaking Point – 25 minutes that will change America. From Canada Free Press here is part of their narrative on what is in these 3 videos put out by the

Narrated by nationally known author, Bishop E.W. Jackson, the video features a startlingly diverse array of details alleging corruption, cronyism, and anti-American views that have been discovered since the start of the Obama administration, including:

  • The influence of billionaire George Soros, who funded Obama’s original campaign and was rewarded with a sweetheart deal on IndyMac bank, which reaped billions of taxpayer dollars from TARP
  • The close connection between Obama and radical elements of Islam
  • The extreme fringe left views among Obama’s appointed czars which include John Holdren, a science czar who has advocated that “trees should be allowed to sue in court” and the population should be held in check with “forced abortions and sterilization.”

Source: Canada Free Press

Source: The National Republican Trust PAC

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Bears eating Democrat voters!

Yes you heard right. Russian bears are raiding cemetery’s and eating the dead for a midnight snack.  Since we seem to have numerous dead Democrat voter’s who show up at election time, it seems as though the bears are trying to tell us they’re Republicans and they’re trying to help ensure we have no dead Democrat voters.

I say lets send them immediately to Chicago and some other Democrat strongholds so they can finish their work before November 2nd.

From a distance it resembled a rather large man in a fur coat, leaning tenderly over the grave of a loved one. But when the two women in the Russian village of Vezhnya Tchova came closer they realised there was a bear in the cemetery eating a body.

Russian bears have grown so desperate after a scorching summer they have started digging up and eating corpses in municipal cemeteries, alarmed officials said today. Bears’ traditional food – mushrooms, berries and the odd frog – has disappeared, they added.

Well, when they’re done with the Democrats I’d suggest they start in using greentards for meals.  Can’t get much greener than that now can you?

Definitely and Insane Minds kind of thing.

Source: The Guardian



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SF Examiner – Dump Boxer & Dems

I have to say I read this and about fell out of my chair this morning. Is this a sign that the San Francisco Examiner has awoken to the fact that liberal Democrats aren’t always the best choice? A San Francisco newspaper going Republican is very significant indeed!

They’re throwing the California liberals under the bus! Barbara Boxer, incumbent Senator, Jerry Brown (ex Governor Moonbeam who now wants to stay on the government titty by being governor again and San Francisco District Attorney running for Attorney General, all Democrats, are not being recommended by the Examiner. Way to go! They even want to dump Pelosi!

It appears they, like many of us voters are Pissed at Incumbents and want to send a big fat message to the clowns in local, state and federal government elected positions that like the move says “We’re fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

I can’t say I’m pleased with their Democrat choices of Bill Lockyer for Treasurer or Debra Bowen for Secretary for Secretary of State, but those are pretty much positions that are harmless.

They want us to vote no on Prop 23 and keep California’s AB32 which will save us all from non-existent global warming at great cost to the citizens of California. I guess them recommending a YES on Prop 23 is more than I should expect.

You can read all the details at the below source link.

Source: San Francisco Examiner

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