Get spanked at work get $1.4M

Well here’s and Insane Minds kind of way to make $1.4 million from your employer. Per SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle/AP we have an article titled “Woman spanked at work entitled to $1.4M settlement.”

A Clovis woman who reached a $1.4 million settlement with her former employer after being spanked in front of jeering co-workers finally has the right to get paid.

Janet Orlando reached the 2006 settlement after Anaheim based Alarm One Inc. appealed an earlier jury verdict. Orlando originally was awarded $1.7 million for being humiliated by the so-called team-building exercise, in which employees spanked each other with competitors’ yard signs.

As for my suggestion to the nitwit who came up with spanking as a team-building exercise. The next time you have an urge to spank or be spanked it’s a lot cheaper to go to the Bunny Ranch and pay a prostitute.

Silly Wabbit……tricks are for prostitutes!

Source: SF Gate


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