SF Examiner – Dump Boxer & Dems

I have to say I read this and about fell out of my chair this morning. Is this a sign that the San Francisco Examiner has awoken to the fact that liberal Democrats aren’t always the best choice? A San Francisco newspaper going Republican is very significant indeed!

They’re throwing the California liberals under the bus! Barbara Boxer, incumbent Senator, Jerry Brown (ex Governor Moonbeam who now wants to stay on the government titty by being governor again and San Francisco District Attorney running for Attorney General, all Democrats, are not being recommended by the Examiner. Way to go! They even want to dump Pelosi!

It appears they, like many of us voters are Pissed at Incumbents and want to send a big fat message to the clowns in local, state and federal government elected positions that like the move says “We’re fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

I can’t say I’m pleased with their Democrat choices of Bill Lockyer for Treasurer or Debra Bowen for Secretary for Secretary of State, but those are pretty much positions that are harmless.

They want us to vote no on Prop 23 and keep California’s AB32 which will save us all from non-existent global warming at great cost to the citizens of California. I guess them recommending a YES on Prop 23 is more than I should expect.

You can read all the details at the below source link.

Source: San Francisco Examiner


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