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Voter Fraud in Mass

Pajama’s Media has a report out this morning titled “Massive Voter Fraud Reported in Massachusetts.”  Read about what these so-called “interpreters” were doing. Sounds very fishy to me. Since Massachusetts is another libtard state like California I doubt much will happen, nor do I think our “wonderful” US Attorney General, Eric Holder, will do anything since he’s still hiding out about the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation 2 years after the last election.



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The commercial you won’t see

Here’s a commercial you probably won’t see in ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and any other mainstream medial TV station you care to name. You might see it on FOX, but I’d doubt it. This is why we have the Tea Party, this is why the Democrats got blasted in most places except the “libtard” states like California. Enjoy a peek at your future if Congress and Obama continue to spend like those proverbial drunken sailors. Oh, and I’d suggest you learn to speak Chinese.

Source: Youtube via Bluegrass Pundit

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Keith Olbermann Memorial Tribute

Keith, such a ‘nice’ guy! MSLSD may need to find a new loony to replace him.

Source: Reason TV

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Is Libtard Radio Dying?

According to the Contra Costa Times/Bay Area Newsgroup article in today’s paper, KPFA Radio in Berkeley, California is laying off people and being visited by protesters who are unhappy. Being in Berkeley, where they protest about anything and everything, it’s not really all that unusual of an event. What is unusual is that this is a listener funded progressive radio station that’s finding itself in financial trouble after 61 years on the air.

So who’s KPFA? They were probably the first, or one of the first libtard radio stations in the country. Founded in 1949, long before the term libtard was coined, long before most everyone had heard of beatniks and long before hippies arrived on the scene in Berkeley. Maynard G. Krebs (played by Bob Denver aka: Gilligan, on the Many Loves of Dobie Gillis show, wasn’t even a wet-dream when KPFA started broadcasting.

Per Wikipedia, they have a long history of being libtard. They claim the first interview with someone from the gay movement and even as early as the 1950’s were touting marijuana use. Certainly nothing unusual for Berkeley, California also referred to as “Bezerkely” and “The People’s Republic of Berkeley,” with good reason. In the 60’s they pioneered space music. I’m not sure if that refers to outer space music, spaced out music or if you needed to be spaced out to listen to it, but it was indeed spacey, as was much of Berkeley. I know, I worked there in the late 60’s to mid 70’s.

I remember listening (rarely) to them during the 1960’s and 70’s when I was a kid. Even then it was amusing to listen to the libtards and their goofy ideas, but then, as now, I can only take so much of this before I lose interest. You can call it liberal, libtard, progressive or whatever you like, same stuff, different name.

Now, per the Contra Costa Times they’re in trouble……

Facing a drop of about $500,000 a year in listener donations and other funding for each of the past three years, KPFA’s parent organization, Pacifica Foundation, plans to cut the equivalent of seven full-time jobs from a paid staff whose full- and part-time hours add up to about 30 full-time positions, said Tracy Rosenberg, a KPFA and Pacifica board member.

Rosenberg said the station’s budget this year is about $3.6 million, but the station only has brought in $2.5 million through fundraising. The payroll is about $2 million, she said, and that will drop to $1.7 million with the layoffs.

“We’ve had a 20 percent decline in donations every year since 2006,” Rosenberg said. “A lot of our listeners these days don’t even have jobs.”

I don’t know why the shortfall. The article really doesn’t delve into any reasons or even speculates, so I will offer my thoughts on the subject. Perhaps there’s more than just no jobs.

Let’s start with the comment “A lot of our listeners these days don’t even have jobs.” I’ll offer up the thought that back in the 60’s I bet a lot of them didn’t have jobs either. It was a time of peace-love-dope-hari krishna, and there were plenty of hippies running about People’s Park, smoking weed and sleeping there who didn’t have jobs. Funny, if you drive by People’s Park today it’s the same. Different hippies same stuff. Although, there may be a few elderly diehards about  who now need walkers and aren’t sure if their memories are shot due to Alzheimer’s or too much LSD in the old days.

Many of those old hippies are now perhaps retired and living on limited incomes or dying off. A good reason for some of the donation drop. Others may have moved to greener pastures (pun intended) and no longer donate because they’re into some other cause or causes like saving  dolphins or whales, running pot clubs or whatever.

One could also speculate that perhaps the progressives have gotten even too progressive for the old hippies. Many gave up pot smoking and protesting in favor of getting careers and having a families. Some even got real jobs. Perhaps they don’t agree anymore with progressive ideas such as global warming, free love, smoking weed, dropping acid,  and using narcotics now that it might affect their children and even grandchildren. Good reasons to quit donating to a cause they no longer subscribe to.

Perhaps the progressive idea of redistribution of wealth doesn’t sound like such a hot idea anymore, either. Now that they’re on the giving end instead of the receiving end and stand to lose houses, retirement funds, Social Security and Medicare that they worked so hard for, they just might not want to listen about it or donate to promote it. I’d even advocate the Obamacare may have pissed them off enough to stop sending checks.

We also very obviously have the economy. I”m sure KPFA goes along with Obama and claims it’s still George W. Bush’s fault (along with everything else Obama and the libtards can lay on him), even after almost two years. Perhaps those old hippies have grown up enough to realize a load of bullshit when they hear it and don’t want to contribute.

Regardless the reason, I won’t miss KPFA if they go under. They’ve had 61 years of spouting, what I consider for the most part to be liberal-progressive-left wing-communist crap and all good or bad things generally come to an end one way or the other. They certainly do have a First Amendment Right to do so, but if no one wants to pay to hear it, there’s no constitutional guarantee of plenty of money.

Perhaps they can hire Keith Olbermann who can breathe some insanity back into KPFA and get those donations flowing. I hear be may be looking for a job.

Source: Contra Costa Times/Bay Area Newsgroup

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Pelosi guarantees Obama one-term president

The Original Plastic Bag

Wow, I was so pleased to hear on the news this morning that Nancy Pelosi wants to stay on as House Democrat Minority leader. Talk about a nightmare come true! (For the Democrats anyway).

The Republicans couldn’t ask for a better deal. If she stays in the limelight it should about guarantee that Obama will be a one-term president, that the elections in 2012 will be another slaughter and may well wipe out the Democrats in not only the House like this time, but in the Senate, too!

I’m begging all you Democrats to vote to keep Nancy in the public eye so it will maximize the damage done to your party in 2012.

As long as we’re on the subject, would all you Democrats in the House and Senate please keep voting for all Obama’s crap like TARP, Government Motors, and Obamacare? I mean the more you continue to screw the people of the United States of America the better the chance everyone, including plenty of Democrats, will be so pissed off by November 2012 that you will all get voted out and the entire House, Senate and White House will have a big “R” in front of everyone’s name.

Keep voting for all the global warming fraud stuff, too and make sure you allow the EPA to run rampant and systematically destroy the US economy.  Not kicking the useless UN out of the country should also be a big help in pissing off the voters. Passing some tax increases should also help you on your run to being flushed down the toilet.

See, sometimes Insane Minds do good things, even if they don’t realize it.

Keep up the good work Nancy!

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