Voter Fraud in Mass

Pajama’s Media has a report out this morning titled “Massive Voter Fraud Reported in Massachusetts.”  Read about what these so-called “interpreters” were doing. Sounds very fishy to me. Since Massachusetts is another libtard state like California I doubt much will happen, nor do I think our “wonderful” US Attorney General, Eric Holder, will do anything since he’s still hiding out about the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation 2 years after the last election.



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One response to “Voter Fraud in Mass

  1. Last time I voted in PA (2004) I made my selections on a big, clnuky, mechanical box that looked like a steroidal Robbie the Robot wearing an apron.No electronics. No chads to hang. Very hard to cheat. A big, cheap, pot-iron mechanical box with a curtain is pretty hard to fool so long as you’ve got observers from all sides watching the show and checking the numbers.Cheap, too.

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