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Newsom = Lt. Gov with the union label


Twittered by Gavin Newsom on 2/21/10

The above tweet from the Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsom makes me wonder if he has the union label tattooed on his butt. With all the problems facing California (like the budget mess and about $500 million in unfunded pension liability) one would think that he’d be worried about what goes on in his own state and not what’s going on in Wisconsin. Fat chance. As you can see the link on his tweet takes you right to the SEIU. I guess the rest of the citizens of California don’t count, only his union masters.

This should give all the citizens of California a big clue about how the Democrats in the state capitol will be stone cold deaf when it comes to implementing any pension reforms in California as part of the state budget. This makes it seem rather obvious that their idea of pension reform is, as we hear from Governor Jerry Brown, to extend and possibly raise taxes so their good union buddies won’t have to suffer like the rest of the citizens of California and continue to collect some rather obscene pensions and benefits.

I really wonder if the citizens of the once great state will ever get a clue and figure out that their basically being screwed over by the apparently union-owned Democrats?

It will be interesting to see if this turns out to be a peaceful demonstration tomorrow or if there will be an thuggery involved.

The below will soon need “states” added to it if this keeps up.


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