Governor Moonbeam Whacks 25,000 Amazon Affiliates

It's the new 'Moonbeam' economy. Take in less, spend more, pray for new revenue.

It seems to me that perhaps Jerry Brown missed his calling.  Perhaps  he should have been a Mafia Hit-Man? I mean look at what happened this week.  Not one shot fired! No AK-47, no smart bombs, no cruise missiles, not even a pistol with a silencer. The weapon of choice? A mere pen. Yes, a pen. A pen so deadly it whacked 25,000 Amazon affiliates in one stroke.

So how silly is this? Well, people in California can continue to purchase products from Amazon and Amazon will not charge them California sales tax. Why? Because thanks to another misguided ‘moonbeam’ plan, Amazon cancelled all 25,00o of their California affiliates. Why? Well, according to a judicial decision if they don’t have any organization residing in the state, then they don’t have to collect sales tax. It’s called interstate commerce then, not intrastate, thus California cannot regulate it, only the Federal Government can.

‘Smart’ move Jerry! It might prove even ‘smarter’ when we find out how much income tax those 25,000 affiliates were paying, and ‘smarter’ yet when we see how many of them leave California for ‘greener’ pastures.  ‘Greener’ meaning they can actually make money elsewhere.

Guess what then Jerry? Well, they won’t be spending any of their income here either, meaning less sales for businesses. It could even mean fewer jobs because if they have employees they’ll either fire them, or perhaps they’ll move to those ‘greener’ pastures with them.

You can read more about ‘moonbeam’ economics created by insane mind Governor Moonbeam here.


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