Top Ten Names if Southern California is to Secede

OK, just when you think things can’t possibly get any crazier in California someone manages to push the envelope.  We now have a Riverside County Supervisor named Jeff Stone (Stoned?) who thinks California should secede from the rest of the state. According to CBS in Los Angeles, California…..

Stone said in a statement late Thursday that Riverside, Imperial, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Kings, Kern, Fresno, Tulare, Inyo, Madera, Mariposa and Mono counties should form the new state of South California.

Now it seems to me that if this insane idea ever gets off the ground that people all over the United States will be a might confused, especially the one in the White House who thinks we have 57 states.  I think that South California will be too easy to confuse with South Carolina even though they pretty much have nothing in common.

So, here’s my 10 suggestions for other names.

1. Crazifornia

2. Northern Mexico

3. Mexifornia

4. The State of Confusion

5. The State of La La

6. La Raza

7. Desertfornia

8. Brokifornia

9. Demafornia

10. Moonbeamafornia

You have to wonder if this supervisor is smoking something. I hope they don’t start flying the Confederate Flag and saying y’all.

Oh, and no fair! You have to take Los Angeles County, too!

Source: CBS Los Angeles



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3 responses to “Top Ten Names if Southern California is to Secede

  1. The counties mentioned in the secession are all right-of-center. The giant, leftist population bases will be left in the original California. The new state would be called ‘South California’. It’s brilliant. The new state would be right-to-work, low taxes and business friendly – plus there would be two new conservative U. S. Senators. The new state would include San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs, the desert counties, Yosemite, and the San Joaquin Valley counties to Madera. The original state would have Los Angeles, San Francisco, Marin, Sacramento and all the Northern California counties. I live here – and this will work.

    • Anonymous

      No it won’t. I love the idea too, but have you given a thought to water rights? Tax revenues? There are too many interconnected issues to draw an arbitraury line and call it a solution, although I wish it were that easy,

  2. Actually I’m not adverse to the idea but it seems it could be easier done by making the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County their own states and leaving the rest as ‘California.’ SF and LA could be called Libtardia

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