Planned Parenhood and Representative Cliff Stearns

OK, so tell us what’s wrong with this picture? Is this an insane minds moment or what?

According to this article at The Daily Caller, Planned Parenthood aborted 324,008 unborn children in 2010. It appears that not one peep was heard about this from Representative Cliff Stearns.

Yet let one adult person die, a 24-year-old Tonya Reaves, who died from hemorrhaging post-abortion and now all of a sudden Representative Stearns announces that he has to have hearings on Planned Parenthood.

So what’s wrong with this picture? 324,008 unborn children? No problem! One adult female who had an abortion dies? We need hearings!


The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List also called for further investigations into the group following Reaves’ death.

OK, so they’re pro-life and they too appear worried about one person and seemingly are ignoring the 324,008 dead babies from 2010? Go figure.

Talk about insane minds.

H/T to the Daily Caller article Rep. Cliff Stearns calls for hearings after Planned Parenthood abortion death


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