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Obama and Kerry Kowtow to China and North Korea

Today President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have (by my take) kowtowed to the Chinese and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Does Little Kim have more mojo gong for him than anyone thinks, or could there be more to this potential diplomatic travesty than meets the eye?

Why ask? Just look at the United States of America. We’re the great power and the planetary police and the one most other countries look to for aid or advise when there’s a problem.

Well, perhaps we were until now. No, it didn’t take a war to bring us down, or a financial collapse (yet anyway) and no it wasn’t even a pandemic. All it took was some posturing and threats by Kim Jong Un and it appears to me that Obama and Kerry couldn’t kowtow (get on their knees) fast enough to appease.

So what is this appeasing? Believe it or not, Secretary of State John Kerry has made an offer to China to cut back our missile defense in the Pacific Region in exchange for their help with North Korea. This is an offer that no doubt had to have Obama’s complete knowledge and express permission.

This most certainly is not what I would refer to as “holding a tough line on Pyongyang” (as commented in the source article).

My take on what’s really transpiring is much different. I’d use chess, but I think that’s way beyond the Obama administration’s capabilities. So, let’s think poker, a simpler game to explain, but evidently one that’s also beyond the Obama administration’s capabilities.

In poker there’s bluffing. By bluffing (a polite name for lying) you can sometimes win the pot. If you can bluff and convince your opponents you hold a royal flush instead of a pair of deuces, they may fold (toss in their cards). You win by default as no one’s going to continue to raise you (put more money in the pot) to find out what cards you really hold. Why? Because you’ve convinced them you have the best hand ever.

It looks to me like Little Kim, with the assistance of that ancient and wise card shark (China), has bluffed the Obama administration into thinking North Korea has a better hand than they really do. The result is Obama is thinking seriously about tossing in our cards (folding) and if so, would lose this pot to North Korea and China.

So what’s the pot? Let’s lay some groundwork and see what China’s perhaps been up to behind the scenes, what North Korea and China stand to gain from this debacle in waiting and what the US has to lose.

First: China has supported North Korea since the end of World War 2, they’re allies and frankly, I can’t see this will change.

Second: China, as of late, has been getting more aggressive in the Western Pacific Region, more specifically in the China Sea, where there have been some international incidents between China and some of her neighbors.

As recent as this year they’ve been playing a game of chicken with Philippine fishing boats.

They have an ongoing dispute with Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands in the East China Sea.

In March 2013 they fired on a Vietnamese fishing boat. (Remember, during the Vietnam War the Chinese and Vietnamese were buddies)

We also don’t know if there are any unreported incidents where perhaps they did sink a foreign fishing boat that was presumed to be merely lost at sea by their country.

You can look at the below map to see the magnitude of their expansion (or what ever term you choose to use). This is obviously well beyond any internationally recognized borders.

Map locator

Per this map, it’s obvious that China wants more territory than they’re historically entitled to and they also want Taiwan back, which is no big secret.

What better way to get what they perceive/desire to be theirs than to be the schoolyard bully and scare the crap out of everybody so they capitulate?

To be a bully you need three basic things. You need to be perceived as almost omnipotent, you always pick on the weak and helpless and you need enablers who will look the other way.

In order, China is already perceived as not omnipotent but certainly strong and getting stronger.  Local countries like Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines are not very well equipped to defend themselves and we have Obama, who is already perceived by many as being a weak sister (enabler).

So I ask, what better way to make Obama an even better  enabler than to get him to cut back on our missile defense in the region? Fewer missiles will make their job of bullying a lot easier with less fear or reprisal.

Think what you like, but all this leaves me more convinced that the Chinese are the driving force behind this North Korean Nuclear Kabuki Puppet Theater.

Need more convincing?

In addition, even the timing seem’s perfect. They have raw material in Kim Jong Un. He’s a unseasoned and hasn’t even been around the proverbial block a few times while test driving his new position as leader of North Korea. He doesn’t know what to do, probably recognizes China as a kind of father-figure and is probably easily being led by the nose at this stage of the game.

We have a president that’s barely ever had a real job, who obviously by my and other’s take, is a foreign policy disaster waiting to happen.  His backbone, Hillary Clinton, is gone. They now have a neophyte Secretary of State who’s at best a dubious war hero,  a kept man (think the Heinz Ketchup fortune he married into) and evidently isn’t a very good poker player.

It appears to me to be perfect timing for China and North Korea (with some coaching) to pull off something big by bluffing the rubes.

If Obama folds it will be an obvious embarrassment to the United States. Remember, the Chinese are big on saving face. Those who don’t or won’t save face do not garner respect. You have to earn respect, you can’t campaign your way into it. (Well you can with liberals, but that’s another story).

Folding this hand could also (like probably) lead to more of our enemies (Huh? Everyone likes Obama?) realizing we don’t have any poker skills and trying to find out what kind of bluffs they can pull off on the US at the Global Poker Championship.

There’s the road less traveled and there’s the road that’s so bad that no one in their right mind wants to travel on. Only insane minds would take the latter one. Yet, that’s what Obama and Kerry appear to be ready to do.

We need some real foreign policy here, not campaigning or quick fixes that take the easy way out and kick the ball down the road to the next president.

Source: The Boston Globe Article “Kerry offers missile defense concession


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Is Obama About to Tick off Putin?

Now here’s a real clue about how clueless the Obama Administration is and why I think they’re about to more than tick off Putin and the Russians.

Here’s a list of what Obama’s done.

1. He dumped the space shuttle program in its entirety.
2. He didn’t even keep one shuttle in reserve in case of emergency.
3. We have US astronauts on the International Space Station.
4. He’s left Russia as the only entity currently capable of taking and bringing back humans from the space shuttle.

So what do they do now? His Department of State (read John Kerry) has now insanely targeted 18 Russian officials for alleged human rights abuses and threatened them with financial sanctions and visa bans.

Based upon this, do you really think Obama, Kerry, or anyone else in the Obama administration has one clue about what they’re doing?

If you were Obama wouldn’t you at least wait to do this until there was an alternative way to move human beings to and from the ISS? Wouldn’t you worry doing this might tick Putin off leaving the possibility he’d cross his arms and say nyet to transporting US astronauts?

If you were Obama wouldn’t you worry that we could potentially suffer major international embarrassment?

Sounds like yet another liberal critical thinking failure that could end up with all kinds of unintended consequences.

More insane minds.

Source: The Guardian

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The Representative and the Blow Job

Well, it sure doesn’t take long folks! We have another ‘winner!’ This time it’s a Democrat! How democratic of them to create their very own faux pas while everyone’s clamoring about Missouri Representative Todd Akin, a Republican.

So what did Minnesota State Representative Terry Gauthier do that everyone finds so repugnant? Well, to put things in order, no, he didn’t merely misspeak. It seems Gauthier likes to troll on Craigslist for sex with teenage boys.

He he allegedly got caught with the 17 year old’s dick in his mouth. Sounds a lot worse than merely misspeaking, even if the misspeak was about the touchy subject of women’s reproductive processes and rape. (Note while the word misspeak is being tossed around, we feel it’s one of the more boneheaded statements we’ve ever heard and that it was far more than a misspeak).

We called for Aiken to step down from the race. As of now he’s decided his head is too fat to capitulate for the good of the country. Whether he’ll get elected remains to be seen. If he does, we wonder if his head will fit through the front door of the Capitol Building without some modifications using a chainsaw.

So, to be fair, we’re calling for Gauthier’s resignation, too. Anyone in a position of trust (senators, representatives, governors, scout masters, priests, football coaches, etc.) should not be trolling around having sex with teenagers or any children. Frankly we hope the chicken hawk gets arrested, too.

To be fair, we don’t really care if Gauthier is gay or not, but he should be having sex with adults in our humble opinion, not 17 year olds, even if they’re over the age of consent in Minnesota.

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Open Letter to Representative Todd Akin

Dear Representative Akin,

We do not thank YOU for giving the Democrats ammunition to use through November and beyond.

Have YOU thought about how your ego could cost Romney the election?

Have YOU thought about your ego costing Republican control of the Senate and keeping Harry Reid in charge?

Have YOU thought about how you are taking away from the Republican National Convention message?

Have YOU thought your actions could be worse for abortion than not? Especially if control of the Senate isn’t gained and/or Romney/Paul aren’t elected?

Have YOU thought about how your actions could leave Obamacare in place even if Romney/Paul are elected?

Have YOU thought about what could happen with a Supreme Court appointment if Obama is reelected and the Senate remains in control of the Democrats?

Have YOU thought about massive government gridlock will still exist even if Romney/Paul are elected but due to your actions, the Democrats retain control of the Senate?

YOU sir, appear to me to be a self-important hard-headed Missouri mule. While normally that could be considered a good attribute, this is one time it is not.

What YOU said wasn’t just a mere gaffe, it was borderline moronic.

YOU sir, should do the honorable thing and ‘fall on your sword’ by stepping aside to let someone run who can actually win.

YOU sir, should step aside so the Republican Party can focus on their message to America instead of having to deal with you every time the Democrats invoke your name as a shining example of a Republican. (Something the left and some on the right are already doing in posts made in blogs and newspapers nation-wide).

It is YOU who have created this situation and YOU alone can rectify it.

We request YOU re-consider your ill thought out decision to run for Senate in Missouri and step aside. Not only for the good of the Republican Party, but for the United States of America. An entity that is much more important than any one individual.

Please don’t be an insane mind. Do the right thing for the right. So far this has been about YOU. Please make it about US.

The Editor

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Photo of #AttackWatch Members Found!

Here’s the photo you’ve been waiting for. A spy shot of the members of Obama’s Attack Watch. Very interestink! Und provacative!

Decorated HJ flak helpers are seen during a war rally held amid Germany's declining fortunes.

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Why is Obama Scaring Seniors?

I was about floored by President Obama’s comment over the budget battle going on between him and Congress. A sitting president actually said….

“I cannot guarantee that those checks will go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” said Obama.

I was floored because I frankly don’t believe it will happen, I was appalled because I could only imagine what some of our senior citizens and disabled were thinking when they heard this. I kind of blew it off because I don’t collect Social Security so as appalling as it is to hear this, it won’t affect me. Or, will it?

Boy was I wrong. My wife was talking to my 81-year-old mother today. She’s very freaked out that, thanks to Obama, that she may not get a Social Security check next month and she’s wondering how she’ll pay for things like food and rent if there really is no check. I’m sure there are probably hundreds of thousands and perhaps even millions of seniors and disabled who are also very upset and worried.

To that I say that President Obama should be ashamed of himself to say the least.  It’s amazing that a Democrat president, whose party regularly accuses Republicans of being non-human, non-caring individuals who only care about and cater to big business and don’t care about the poor and disabled, would say this. If that statement doesn’t prove Obama and the Democrats are hypocrites, I don’t know what else anybody could say or do that would.

It is apparent that our narcissist President really does not care about anyone besides himself and getting his way. This is proof that there is no bottom to what he will do, or who he will use, as long as his agenda is met. Scaring the seniors and the disabled of this country seems to be to set a new low for a POTUS.

I sincerely hope everyone who depends on Social Security and everyone who will soon be collecting it remembers the cavalier attitude this president has about you when it comes time to vote in 2012.

I don’t ever ask my mother about her voting habits (or anyone else for that matter) as I believe strongly in the sanctity of the voting booth. I do, based upon her behavior, think she voted for Obama in 2008. I’ll lay a bet down she will remember this in 2012 and she will not be voting for him again.

If you want to see and hear it for yourself watch the below video. Don’t even get me started on the military not getting their checks. That’s just as bad if not worse.

According to this article on Christian Post Timothy “Turbo Tax” Geitner has said this………

“A broad range of government payments would have to be stopped, limited or delayed, including Military salaries, Social Security and Medicare payments, interest on debt, unemployment benefits and tax refunds,” said Geithner.

You have to wonder what insane minds run the government these days.

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What Goes Around…..

Cartoon from 1934 Chicago Tribune

This is from 1934 when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the United States of America. Does this per chance remind you of anyone? How about what’s going on right this minute with our current POTUS Obama?

Back then Roosevelt gave us the “New Deal.” Now Obama is giving us the “Raw Deal.” It appears Speaker of the House John Boehner is giving the Democrats “Any Deal” they want. Frankly, I was happier with Richard Simmons “Deal a Meal.”

77 years later, we still have insane minds running our government. Unfortunately the MSM has been taken over by the very same insane minds who conveniently ignore the disaster called Washington, DC.




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