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The Representative and the Blow Job

Well, it sure doesn’t take long folks! We have another ‘winner!’ This time it’s a Democrat! How democratic of them to create their very own faux pas while everyone’s clamoring about Missouri Representative Todd Akin, a Republican.

So what did Minnesota State Representative Terry Gauthier do that everyone finds so repugnant? Well, to put things in order, no, he didn’t merely misspeak. It seems Gauthier likes to troll on Craigslist for sex with teenage boys.

He he allegedly got caught with the 17 year old’s dick in his mouth. Sounds a lot worse than merely misspeaking, even if the misspeak was about the touchy subject of women’s reproductive processes and rape. (Note while the word misspeak is being tossed around, we feel it’s one of the more boneheaded statements we’ve ever heard and that it was far more than a misspeak).

We called for Aiken to step down from the race. As of now he’s decided his head is too fat to capitulate for the good of the country. Whether he’ll get elected remains to be seen. If he does, we wonder if his head will fit through the front door of the Capitol Building without some modifications using a chainsaw.

So, to be fair, we’re calling for Gauthier’s resignation, too. Anyone in a position of trust (senators, representatives, governors, scout masters, priests, football coaches, etc.) should not be trolling around having sex with teenagers or any children. Frankly we hope the chicken hawk gets arrested, too.

To be fair, we don’t really care if Gauthier is gay or not, but he should be having sex with adults in our humble opinion, not 17 year olds, even if they’re over the age of consent in Minnesota.


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Voter Fraud in Mass

Pajama’s Media has a report out this morning titled “Massive Voter Fraud Reported in Massachusetts.”  Read about what these so-called “interpreters” were doing. Sounds very fishy to me. Since Massachusetts is another libtard state like California I doubt much will happen, nor do I think our “wonderful” US Attorney General, Eric Holder, will do anything since he’s still hiding out about the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation 2 years after the last election.


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Voter Fraud Alerts

I will be adding links to this all weekend as more evidence of voter fraud arises.

Fight Vote Fraud: 1-877-794-0004

From Politico: Google voting app sends voters to wrong polling place (Editor: How convenient is that?)

From Fox: Electronic Voting Machines Register Early Concerns

Fox News: Voter fraud app released for smart phones

Fox News: Minnesota investigating voter fraud allegations involving mentally disabled

From the Bangor Daily News: Bangor police officer denied right to vote after refusing to surrender weapon

From the Troy Record: Ed Weaver: Examples of voter fraud across the country

From Michelle Malkin: Unhinged Perriello/Obama supporter rips up GOP signs, screams “You f**king House nigger white-black bitch!”

From Fox News: Miller Campaign Claims Tape Shows Reporters Trying to Connect Him to ‘Child Molesters’

From Canada Free Press: Vote Fraud Threatens Election Outcome: An Interview with Hans von Spakovsky

From Fox News: Justice Department to Send Election Observers (Goonsquad) to Arizona as Concern Rises About Illegal Voters

From Bluegrass Pundit: Left Wing SEIU groups flood Arizona with fraudulent last minute voter registrations.

From Big Government: Sheila Jackson Lee’s Thug Tactics Against Law-Abiding Poll Watchers Doomed to Backfire.

From Black Five: Military Voters Win Victory in Maryland.

From Not Evil Just Wrong: Prop 23 Language Wrong on Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots.

From Fox News: New Voter Problems Reported.

From Atlas Shrugs: 15 Missouri Counties have more voters than population.

From Gateway Pundit: AZ GOP finds 1 in 4 last-minute voter registrations are fraudulent.

From National Review Online/ Michelle Malkin: The Left’s voter-fraud whitewash.

From Faulk for Congress: Arizona and Colorado Also Reporting Voter Fraud: Marxist Groups Blamed in Arizona.


From Mother Jones: Complaint: Elderly Black Voters Intimidated at Home.

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Get spanked at work get $1.4M

Well here’s and Insane Minds kind of way to make $1.4 million from your employer. Per SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle/AP we have an article titled “Woman spanked at work entitled to $1.4M settlement.”

A Clovis woman who reached a $1.4 million settlement with her former employer after being spanked in front of jeering co-workers finally has the right to get paid.

Janet Orlando reached the 2006 settlement after Anaheim based Alarm One Inc. appealed an earlier jury verdict. Orlando originally was awarded $1.7 million for being humiliated by the so-called team-building exercise, in which employees spanked each other with competitors’ yard signs.

As for my suggestion to the nitwit who came up with spanking as a team-building exercise. The next time you have an urge to spank or be spanked it’s a lot cheaper to go to the Bunny Ranch and pay a prostitute.

Silly Wabbit……tricks are for prostitutes!

Source: SF Gate

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