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The election and the race card

It appears the Romney campaign has made what we think is its first alleged racial faux pas and that Obama’s handlers have of course jumped all over it. Allegedly, one of Romney’s “unnamed advisers” told someone at The Telegraph:

‘We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special.’

Now in our humble opinion we don’t really see how this statement could be misconstrued to be something that Team Obama could toss down on a green felt covered card table as a race card. We’re also suspicious because no names on either side of this event are being put forth. (So far anyway).

Just because it’s inferred that Romney is closely related via his Anglo-Saxon heritage, doesn’t mean that anyone was inferring anything else up to and including that somehow he’s better than Obama because he’s white, or has an Anglo-Saxon heritage, or that Obama, being half-black and half-white, isn’t someone the British prefer to deal with as compared to Romney.

This should be a warning to Team Romney that anything and everything said, no matter how innocent, will have large warehouses full of Team Obama people trying to spin it, especially if they can play it as a race card. If played skilfully (and no matter what you want to say about Team Obama they’re not stupid people) they’ll have millions of Obamabots nodding their heads in approval.

Meanwhile comments about Mormon’s, special underwear and other insults constantly hurled at Romney, per usual, continue to be ignored by the mainstream media.

H/T: The Daily Mail – Romney in race row as he arrives in London after aide says Obama ‘doesn’t share Britain’s Anglo-Saxon heritage


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