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Is Obama About to Tick off Putin?

Now here’s a real clue about how clueless the Obama Administration is and why I think they’re about to more than tick off Putin and the Russians.

Here’s a list of what Obama’s done.

1. He dumped the space shuttle program in its entirety.
2. He didn’t even keep one shuttle in reserve in case of emergency.
3. We have US astronauts on the International Space Station.
4. He’s left Russia as the only entity currently capable of taking and bringing back humans from the space shuttle.

So what do they do now? His Department of State (read John Kerry) has now insanely targeted 18 Russian officials for alleged human rights abuses and threatened them with financial sanctions and visa bans.

Based upon this, do you really think Obama, Kerry, or anyone else in the Obama administration has one clue about what they’re doing?

If you were Obama wouldn’t you at least wait to do this until there was an alternative way to move human beings to and from the ISS? Wouldn’t you worry doing this might tick Putin off leaving the possibility he’d cross his arms and say nyet to transporting US astronauts?

If you were Obama wouldn’t you worry that we could potentially suffer major international embarrassment?

Sounds like yet another liberal critical thinking failure that could end up with all kinds of unintended consequences.

More insane minds.

Source: The Guardian


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