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$600k Per Year Pension for City Manager!

Screw dem taxpayers! I'm quttin' da mob and gettin' job wit Bell, dey pay a lot more!

Yes, it sounds like even Tony Soprano would be jealous of this bunch.  They can pull off a big score and they don’t even need a knife, gun or extra large sized Guido’s to get an amazing amount of money.

I’m talkin’ about the small city of Bell, California, where the officials make more than the crooks I mean politicians in Washington, DC. These guys are amazing! They indeed make the mafia look like pikers. Where do I apply? I’d love to work a few years and get that kind of scratch! From the LA Times we get the following.

He may have become reviled in working-class Bell for his nearly $800,000-a-year salary, but Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo could have the last laugh.

Should he be forced from his job, he would immediately gain a new title: highest-paid retiree in the state’s CalPERS retirement system.Rizzo, 55, would be entitled to at least $600,000-a-year pension for the rest of his life, according to retirement calculations made by The Times that were reviewed by pensions experts.

That would make him the highest-paid retiree in the CalPERS system, outstripping the $509,664 paid each year to Bruce Malkenhorst, former city manager of Vernon.

Makes one hope that his life is very short! Oh, he’s not the only one ripping off the taxpayers. We have more.

Not far behind would be Randy Adams, the man Rizzo brought in to be the city’s police chief last July. If Adams, 59, steps down, his pension would be worth an estimated $411,300, placing him just behind Malkenhorst on the list of top CalPERS retirement earners.

Taking the Bell job was a good career move for Adams. By moving to Bell, in just one year, the police chief more than doubled his retirement.

Good career move? I’d call more than doubling your retirement in one year at least frigging amazing! That’s better than…ummm….Bernie Madoff’s returns?

“It’s outrageous and unsustainable,” said pension reform advocate Marcia Fritz, noting that Rizzo would receive $26 million if he lived a normal lifespan. “High salary lasts just a few years – high pensions last for a lifetime.”

Yes, but who are the retards who granted all this largess using the taxpayers money? Did Rizzo do this all by himself? Let’s see what the city council pays themselves? Want to bet these a-holes had something to do with all of this? I would. Here’s more from another LA Times article.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is investigating why city council members in the small, working-class city of Bell are paid nearly $100,000 a year for a part-time job.

Bell is in the news because it has agreed to take over most city operations for neighboring Maywood, which announced it will lay off all its employees on July 1.

Wow! $100,000 per year for working part-time. Another frigging amazing deal!  Another frigging amazing tax-payer ripoff! At least someone’s looking into this.

Public Integrity Division prosecutors said a review of Bell city records showed that council members each received $8,083.25 per month. Prosecutors say that under state law and based on population, part-time council members in small cities should be paid a $400 monthly stipend (council members in Maywood earn about $300 a month). Prosecutors have asked the city for an explanation.

Here’s their reply, and note their below explanations about the city council salaries were in an article that was published before the first one about the city managers salary and retirement.

Bell officials say the D.A. office’s numbers are misleading because they include the cost of medical insurance, retirement and other benefits, but they also defend the compensation.

Yes, I guess they sure as hell do include the cost of retirement, I wonder what they get a year in retirement from a part-time job? Cadillac medical insurance? To quote Sarah Palin “youbetcha!”

I sincerely hope someone prosecutes the bastards. I’d absolutely love it if they got to “enjoy” the “fruits of retirement” and their “golden years” in a nice retirement home like San Quentin.

This is real Insane Minds…..lots of them….all in one city.

Source: LA Times


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