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Chelsea Clinton Wedding – Hide the silverware!

Uh oh.  I have nothing against Chelsea Clinton and wish here a good marriage, like they say “you can’t blame the child for the sins of the father” or something like that.

Speaking of father, it seems her soon-to-be father-in-law isn’t exactly what you’d want to call a stellar example of a good citizen. According to Mail Online…..

Miss Clinton’s father-in-law Ed Mezvinsky is a convicted fraudster who served five years in jail and was branded a ‘one-man crime wave’ by prosecutors over a £7million scam.

This “one man crime wave” didn’t just ripoff strangers or banks or investors either.

When it was first mooted in 2006 that Miss Clinton and Ed Mezvinsky would get married, his father was still serving his jail sentence for stealing from friends and family after losing millions to Nigerian e-mail scams.

According to Zimbio he’s the guy who invented the Nigerian scam.

Mezvinsky was a Philadelphia lawyer and self-styled international businessman who in some ways was a pioneer scam artist. Before the Nigerian advance fee scam became a ubiquitous experience in Americans’ email in-boxes, Mezvinsky was deftly executing the scam in real-time, convincing victims to hand over large amounts of cash based on his close connections to the Clinton family.

If you’ve been invited to the wedding and an elderly gentleman starts telling you about how he can get his hands on $20 million in a Swiss bank account that’s been abandoned but needs $500k to bribe Swiss bank officials, run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.

Sources: Mail Online, Zimbio


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