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Sequel on blog shutdowns.

Per this article at Co2 Insanity the real reason the plug got pulled on Blogetery has come out, turns out it was terrorism with some child porn thrown in and a misunderstanding about what needed to be done.

This still doesn’t change my mind about what could potentially happen to bloggers if our government or any other government decided they were really unhappy with what’s going on with the internet and decided to play some hard-ball and shut sites down because they were contrary to their ideas about how things should be going.

We still have the same implications about how safe and secure your data is floating around on clouds on the internet, which is something that should be worked out so things like pulling the plug on 70,000+ innocent bloggers doesn’t happen again.

I have no problem with websites doing illegal things being shut down. I would like to make sure that the innocent don’t get taken down along with the bad guys.

We don’t need collateral damage on the internet thank you. Burst.net should do the right thing and put the blogs back up so people can back them up and post them elsewhere. I think whoever runs Blogetery owes everyone an apology for not keeping tabs on what kind of stuff was on that server, too. ¬†From what I understand, when you run hosting you should be on the lookout for this kind of stuff.

Source: Co2 Insanity


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