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Now Brits want to release Yorkshire Ripper!

12 of the 13 women killed by the Yorkshire Ripper

Damn! I just get done posting about the nutty doctors and penal system in Britain releasing the Lockerbie Bomber and not 15 minutes later I come across this “jewel” at the Daily Mail titled “Yorkshire Ripper could be released from Broadmoor despite ‘life behind bars’ verdict.”

They really do have some insane minds running around over there. We have a guy who killed 13 women and tried to kill 7 others but over in mamby-pamby land they want to be nice to this guy?  Here’s some excerpts.

The Yorkshire Ripper could be released from Broadmoor to a less secure unit after doctors reported a dramatic improvement in his mental health.

A tribunal judge has ruled that Peter Sutcliffe, 63, should be moved to ‘conditions of lesser security’, where he could even be eligible for day release.

Yes, they not only want to move him to a less secure facility, they might even decide to release this  monster.  You can probably guess who’s behind this decision, but read for yourself.

But last week a mental health tribunal assessing his condition came to a different conclusion, with doctors saying he was in ‘complete remission of his positive symptoms’ of paranoid schizophrenia after treatment ‘contained’ his mental illness.

On July 7 this year, a judge at a First Tier Mental Health Tribunal – an independent body which can order the discharge of a mental health patient from detention in hospital into the community concluded that Sutcliffe’s improvement ‘now requires to be tested in conditions of lesser security’.

That’s right! Just like with the Lockerbie Bomber, we have the nutty doctors involved again and this time we even get the mental health people saying they should release a person who killed 13 women back into society.  Can you frigging believe it?  This guy isn’t what I’d call your average murderer, either.

It was on July 5 1975, just 11 months after his marriage, that he took a hammer and made his first attack on a woman.

Sutcliffe is said to have believed he was on a “mission from God” to kill prostitutes – although not all of his victims were sex workers.

He was dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper because he mutilated their bodies using a hammer, a sharpened screwdriver and a knife.

And they want to let this guy out? I can’t believe anyone with an IQ over 29 would feel sorry for this guy, much less want to let him out of jail and put him back into society.  Talk about gambling with people’s lives.

This is another reason they need the death-penalty.  It’s not to kill the guy, life in prison would be sufficient punishment.  They need the death-penalty so nutcase doctors, head-shrinks and judges don’t get an attack of the mamby-pambies and let mass murderers out of jail.

Know what I say? I say if they do let him out that he should immediately move in with one of the doctors, head-shrinks or the judge and see how they like it then. Were I them I’d make sure to hide the cutlery, screwdrivers and hammers from the house.

You look at 12 of the 13 women he killed in the photo at the top for awhile and tell me this guy needs to be catered to at all. These a-holes would probably vote to release Adolph Hitler.

You can read more at the Daily Mail, link below.

Source: Daily Mail


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