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N. Korea Prevents Global Warming

OK, this is kind of stuff that causes Insane Minds. I just read an article about North Korea doing amputations without anesthesia. I know it’s a horrible thing, I really do feel sorry for anyone who would have to endure that kind of operation.  It’s really cruel and inhumane to say the least. It would definitely take an insane mind to like this kind of “medicine.”

You probably can’t blame the doctors, it’s not their fault North Korea is such a screwed up mess, they’re probably just saving lives.  If you have a choice of operating with no anesthesia or letting someone die, you do the former, bad as it is. Kim-Jong Il should be so lucky as to be the recipient of such an operation. You can bet he’ll head off to China or someplace else if he needs any major medical done, or at least he’ll make sure his doctor in North Korea has all the good stuff on hand to do it properly.  After all he’s one of the “special people,” and I don’t mean that in a nice way either.

The way I think, when I read something like this, it generally is going to lead to something else, and this actually has led to several something else’s, which can be taken to be sick humor, or a look at our sick country and what’s going on, or perhaps both. Definitely an Insane Mind thing.

To get on track one, we have Obamacare.  My first thought was that could this be a look at the future?  Things are starting to come out of the woodwork on Obamacare.  I’m not against people having health care mind you, but I certainly don’t want to see the cost so high that we start to get medical rationing and shortages, not to mention things getting so bad that we have people getting amputations or operations without anesthesia? Can you imagine laying on an operating table and being fully awake while a doctor ties a rubber strap around your leg to cut off the blood flow and then starts sawing away?  That’s what soldier’s endured during the Civil War, and other wars in the past.  I can’t even fathom having this done to me. You would pray that you passed out quickly.

You could take this premise further and start talking about death-panels.  I wonder if they do this in North Korea?  Do they get people in who they feel are too old to treat and tell them to go home and croak because they’re not spending any money on keeping them alive? Could this happen here? It’s certainly a possibility. As we all know, our illustrious “special people” inside the hot air dome in Washington, DC who pass our laws, don’t feel it’s necessary to actually read anything before they vote on it. With Obamacare no one knows what will happen because no one really knows what’s in the bill, or if they have read it, then it is still a possibility that it may not have the effect they think it will.  Toss in a hord of attorneys who work for the government, big pharma and big health insurance and it is probably going to be like playing poker with a deck of jokers.  It will indeed be wild. I hope it doesn’t turn out the way I think it is, which is as usual us “little people” get screwed while the “special people” keep on cavorting around like Barney Frank on a fact finding mission in Bangkok.

Regardless, you can bet money that Kim il-Jung doesn’t give a hoot about it, unless it involves him or one of his buddies.  But they don’t worry about that, because they’re “special” and they’ll get the best healthcare money can buy.  This brings me to the second part of my rant. The “special people” we have in the hot air dome don’t have to worry about Obamacare because they have their very own special healthcare plan courtesy of our tax dollars. Isn’t that “special?” Think they really give a damn about your healthcare plan? I’d seriously doubt it.  I’ll bet when problems start arising the din of excuses in Washington, DC will rise along with it.

OK so where’s the humor?  Thus far I haven’t been feeling too funny about this. Start thinking about anthropogenic global warming, the IPCC, Climategate and all the copious amounts of BS surrounding it. Lately, everyplace I read seems to have some new thing that either is caused or will be caused by global warming, or some new thing that’s going to cause global warming. I mean, hell, Al Gore even seems to have global warming in his underwear, which has been causing him more problems lately.

Last week we had an article here about how anesthesia is causing global warming and you can see where the title of this post “North Korea prevents global warming” came from.  Just think about the pure insanity of my thought that they may actually be on the “cutting edge” of solving the global warming problem. What next? Will Kim Jong-Il be awarded the nobel peace prize?  I bet him and Al could have a great time getting some hookers and celebrating.  They certainly both appear to need some excercise and they could cool off that global warming in their pants!  The Everly Brothers might even come up with a new song to celebrate this…let’s see…..You’ve lost that global warming feeling….lost that global warming feeling…..and it’s gone….gone…gone……nope that won’t work because the “Warmers” like Al don’t want global warming to go away or they’re going to lose a gigantic chunk of carbon trading investments.

Well, anyway, that’s how the Insane Mind thinks.



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