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The election and the race card

It appears the Romney campaign has made what we think is its first alleged racial faux pas and that Obama’s handlers have of course jumped all over it. Allegedly, one of Romney’s “unnamed advisers” told someone at The Telegraph:

‘We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special.’

Now in our humble opinion we don’t really see how this statement could be misconstrued to be something that Team Obama could toss down on a green felt covered card table as a race card. We’re also suspicious because no names on either side of this event are being put forth. (So far anyway).

Just because it’s inferred that Romney is closely related via his Anglo-Saxon heritage, doesn’t mean that anyone was inferring anything else up to and including that somehow he’s better than Obama because he’s white, or has an Anglo-Saxon heritage, or that Obama, being half-black and half-white, isn’t someone the British prefer to deal with as compared to Romney.

This should be a warning to Team Romney that anything and everything said, no matter how innocent, will have large warehouses full of Team Obama people trying to spin it, especially if they can play it as a race card. If played skilfully (and no matter what you want to say about Team Obama they’re not stupid people) they’ll have millions of Obamabots nodding their heads in approval.

Meanwhile comments about Mormon’s, special underwear and other insults constantly hurled at Romney, per usual, continue to be ignored by the mainstream media.

H/T: The Daily Mail – Romney in race row as he arrives in London after aide says Obama ‘doesn’t share Britain’s Anglo-Saxon heritage


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Pelosi guarantees Obama one-term president

The Original Plastic Bag

Wow, I was so pleased to hear on the news this morning that Nancy Pelosi wants to stay on as House Democrat Minority leader. Talk about a nightmare come true! (For the Democrats anyway).

The Republicans couldn’t ask for a better deal. If she stays in the limelight it should about guarantee that Obama will be a one-term president, that the elections in 2012 will be another slaughter and may well wipe out the Democrats in not only the House like this time, but in the Senate, too!

I’m begging all you Democrats to vote to keep Nancy in the public eye so it will maximize the damage done to your party in 2012.

As long as we’re on the subject, would all you Democrats in the House and Senate please keep voting for all Obama’s crap like TARP, Government Motors, and Obamacare? I mean the more you continue to screw the people of the United States of America the better the chance everyone, including plenty of Democrats, will be so pissed off by November 2012 that you will all get voted out and the entire House, Senate and White House will have a big “R” in front of everyone’s name.

Keep voting for all the global warming fraud stuff, too and make sure you allow the EPA to run rampant and systematically destroy the US economy.  Not kicking the useless UN out of the country should also be a big help in pissing off the voters. Passing some tax increases should also help you on your run to being flushed down the toilet.

See, sometimes Insane Minds do good things, even if they don’t realize it.

Keep up the good work Nancy!

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Breaking Point – 25 Minutes that will change America

Watch the Breaking Point – 25 minutes that will change America. From Canada Free Press here is part of their narrative on what is in these 3 videos put out by the

Narrated by nationally known author, Bishop E.W. Jackson, the video features a startlingly diverse array of details alleging corruption, cronyism, and anti-American views that have been discovered since the start of the Obama administration, including:

  • The influence of billionaire George Soros, who funded Obama’s original campaign and was rewarded with a sweetheart deal on IndyMac bank, which reaped billions of taxpayer dollars from TARP
  • The close connection between Obama and radical elements of Islam
  • The extreme fringe left views among Obama’s appointed czars which include John Holdren, a science czar who has advocated that “trees should be allowed to sue in court” and the population should be held in check with “forced abortions and sterilization.”

Source: Canada Free Press

Source: The National Republican Trust PAC

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New Obama Doll Out

Order now and receive a free can of bullshit repellent!

This speaks for itself.

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Obama test drives Volt 40 no 10 feet.

Update, looks more like about 10 feet.

You can file this in the “WTF is up with that folder.” Yes that’s right, not 4,000 feet, not 400 feet, but a whopping 40 feet! Now that’s what I call a “test drive!” ….and what did he have to say after this “long” test drive?

“Some of you saw me drive the Volt about 12 inches; they don’t let me drive much these days.”

I can’t wait for his review in the upcoming issue of Car & Driver. Insane. Sources: USA Today, Detroit Free Press

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T-shirt of the week!

Here is the t-shirt of the week.  I just got it in an e-mail, so it’s going around the web.  I just couldn’t resist posting it. It speaks for itself.

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Obama Fail of the Week 7.24.10

I’m an old guy, so I still love sitting down for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and reading the paper while I eat. Generally it contains the same old BS, whining and letters to the editor written in general, by morons.

So, I get around to the business section this morning and see the following headline, that almost made me spit my coffee out. Last week the Obama Administration flunked race relations 101, the week isn’t really over yet and now we get this.

Obama Fail of the Week 7.24.10

Yeah, that’s right, “Pay czar backs down on bank execs, Feinberg says shaming sufficient, no need to go after $1.6 billion.”

I’m not going to go into the whole banking industry-TARP-Freddie Mac-Fannie Mae (who were conveniently omitted from the latest financial bill from Congress by the way)-GM-Chrysler-Wall Street bailout thing, as it’s not about that.  $1.6 billion is a lot of money to most anyone with a brain in his or her head, but to the government it’s merely a trivial sum. No, this is all about Obama and the Obama Administration having yet another fail. (I’d tell you how many but there’s too many and I lost count).

The Pay Czar, if you remember, was appointed only last June. He is supposed to be reigning in the claimed obscene salaries and bonuses received (earned?) by banking, insurance, Wall Street and auto company executives. Make too much money? He’ll swoop in like an F-14 and reduce your salary faster than you can say smart bomb.  Hell, at least that’s what was supposed to happen considering all the bravado about having a new Pay Czar who was going to kick ass and take names.

We now have Kenneth Feinberg declaring that “shaming is sufficient.” Shaming? Really now! Did his mommy read too much Doctor Spock? (Not Mr. Spock this is WAY pre-Star Trek! Not to mention there’s no logic involved here.)

Did he read the Scarlet Letter too much when he was in college? Will these “overpaid” executives be wearing a giant letter “O” for overcompensated, or a giant letter “G” for greedy? Will it be colored scarlet? Or, will he choose a more trendy color like Ferrari yellow? (A fitting color considering the amount of money we’re talking about).

remember now, this is the Pay Czar! I’ll admit he doesn’t look like much of a Czar. I’d expect someone who resembles Lenin or Stalin, instead we get a Mr. Whipple look-alike, sans the mustache, (the “Don’t squeeze the Charmin toilet paper” guy.) And….. what about a uniform?  Shouldn’t he have a military outfit with giant gold Fuller brushes on the shoulders and lots of medals noting he survived things like Jimmy Carter, disco music, pet rocks, and a special one for not falling asleep during Obama speeches? I must say I’m extremely disappointed! Some czar!

Pay Czar - Scared Shitless of Wall Street

Real Czar - Would Scare the Shit Out of Wall Street

Remember now, this is the same “tough-guy” Czar who said things like “I’m not suggesting we turn the other cheek,” that he has “binding” authority, that he’s going to “claw back” money? “Claw back” my ass!

Here are some of the companies he’s not going to claw.

  • American International Group (AIG)
  • CIT Group
  • Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Capitol One
  • Citigroup
  • Morgan Stanley
  • and lots of others

If you read carefully you will notice we have Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.., where, (surprise-surprise!) Feinberg’s boss, Timothy “Turbo Tax” Geitner, is considered by many to be too close to them. Per this article on Yahoo Finance…

Christopher Whalen, managing director and co-founder of Institutional Risk Analytics. “I’m just not sure Tim Geithner is the guy we should have driving the bus.”


“I believe Tim Geithner only represents part of Wall Street – Goldman Sachs,” he says, suggesting Goldman was the “primary beneficiary of the AIG bailout” and notes Goldman alum Stephen Friedman serves on the board of the NY Fed. (Hank Paulson and Robert Rubin, with whom Geithner had frequent meetings in the past year, are also Goldman alum.)

“Turbo Tax” Geitner also is conveniently the only guy that Feinberg reports to, who in turn, very conveniently reports only to Obama.  Sound like a convenient deal to you? And they go after Charlie Wrangel for little piddly-assed things like not declaring rent income or getting sweetheart deals?  Whatever Wrangel cost the taxpayers probably pales in comparison to $1.6 billion frigging dollars. I can’t imagine why people get irritated about paying taxes when our money (yes government a-holes it’s OUR money-not your money) gets pissed away by the billions on a daily basis.

He’s got a nice BS excuse, too.  Like if he gets OUR money back these institutions might get sued by shareholders whose stock took a gigantic dump because of these clowns. Don’t they deserve to get sued? People lost fortunes because of these financial faux pas! You have to wonder if they’re all related to Bernie Madoff?

Sounds like good old greed is still in vogue on Wall Street. I suspect Gordon Gekko will be back on top any day now. Perhaps Oliver Stone should make a sequel. I’d suggest he title it “Wall Street – Barry’s Big Bailout” and change the actor playing Gordon Gekko from Michael Douglas to Rahm Emmanuel, Fainberg could be played by Pee Wee Herman and I’d vote for Chris Rock to play Obama. We could all see how Gekko absconds with all the bailout money and greases various government officials to conveniently look the other way.  Hmmmm…..perhaps David Copperfield would be a better choice to play Gekko. A suggested line for the movie would be “Look! Nothing up my sleeve! Nothing in your bank account either! Sorry! It’s all in my bank in Vanuatu, a place to hide money that makes the Swiss look like blabbermouths when it comes to keeping secrets.”

This is also the same guy who’s going to be administering the $20 billiion Obama got from BP. I wonder who he’ll be really representing? The people suffering in the South? Or British Petroleum?

Well I hope that explains why we have yet another fail by the Obama Administration. I wonder of they’ll get in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest fail of government in the history of the United States of America. Time will tell.

Sources: Contra Costa Times/Bay Area News Group Business Section, the Wall Street Journal, Politifi, Yahoo Finance, Ezine Articles, Wikipedia

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