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Look Before You Leap!

Look before you leap! Good advise provided by moms and dads to children the world over. We now have another species this applies to. ┬áIt’s whales….yes…whales, especially ones wit Insane Minds.

Per this article at Africa MSNBC we can see why mother whales should immediately start imparting this valuable old adage to their young.

A South African couple was out sailing near the country’s infamous Robben Island when a 40-ton whale breached and crash-landed on their yacht.

“We were watching the whale flipping its tail for about half an hour,” said Cape Town Sailing Academy Administrator Paloma Werner, who was enjoying a Sunday sail with her boyfriend and sailing instructor, Ralph Mothes.

“It reached about 100 to 200 meters from us, then it disappeared under water and reappeared about 10 to 20 meters from the boat, but we didn’t think we were on a collision course,” she told msnbc.com.

Talk about an “oh shit!” moment, this was one of them!

I wonder what Save the Whales would have to say about this ?

Read the rest at the source + more photos: Africa on MSNBC.com


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