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My country ’tis of who? No 1.

Arizona Flag

The song goes “My country ’tis of thee,” but lately it seems more like it should be “My country ’tis of who?”

Why do I say that? Well, let’s take a look. It seems like it just gets crazier and crazier, just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, someone comes up with a new one.

I labeled this “My country ’tis of who? No. 1,’ because it’s going to be a continuing theme here. Seems we have some real Insane Minds running about. My country isn’t for sale to the highest bidder whether it’s money or voters, but some appear unable to comprehend that. Todays topic of my vituperation is what’s going on  in Arizona.


Arizona, I would say, appears to have  passed a law that mimics Federal law and has caused a firestorm of protest and even a lawsuit by the Feds.

A Federal Judge has stuck major parts of this down, which I’m sure caused major frustration to a lot of people in Arizona and elsewhere in the country. Some other states considering similar laws will now have to put them on hold until the court rules. Right now it’s only a stay, but that’s effectively neutered much of the law for the time being and puts much of it in limbo until there’s a final ruling or someone capitulates.

Frankly, my idea of having a Judge make a fair ruling would be for him or her to go patrol the border for a while, alone, with no backup for 40 miles, and get a real “feel” for what’s going on outside their air-conditioned courtroom. That might change their mind about things. He or she might also consider that the reality is that what Arizona wants already goes on in California. Driving from San Diego to Los Angeles? You go through an inspection station operated by the Border Patrol.  I wonder who they’re looking for?

Alameda County just adopted a fingerprint deportation status check. They’re the 4th San Francisco Bay Area county to do so. Want another laugh at all this BS between Arizona and the Obama Administration? This fingerprint deportation status check is run by the same Federal Government that’s suing Arizona over their law to check if people are in the state/country legally or not. Talk about insane, that’s it.

Arizonans are justifiably frustrated with the general lack of enthusiasm and duplicity coming from Washington, DC, regarding curbing illegal aliens, stopping drug cartels from running drugs across the border, and having a plan to deal with the daily violence in Mexican border towns  that threatens to spill into the US side. I and many other people wonder why this is allowed to continue?

My one question to the Obama Administration would be “Aren’t we all the same country and aren’t we all on the same side?” I guess their answer would be no, we’re on some other side, running some clone country you’re unaware of, or something on that order. Sorry I just feel that much of our citizenry are now considered enemies of the state, while noncitizens, drug cartel members and murderers have the welcome mat out fo them.

Wouldn’t you be just as ticked off if the Canadians were doing this? I would! It’s not a race thing, it’s a they’re entering and doing things that are  ILLEGAL, period. Regardless what border we’re referring to, or nationality, or race,  illegal entry, drug smuggling and violence should be a big no-no. With the Obama Administration, this isn’t so. They’d rather use it against us than for us, rather Faustian if you ask me.

According to this item at the New York Times, about 70% of Arizonans favor the law. Perhaps incumbents, regardless of party affiliation, need to go, if for no other reason than to send a message to the clown circus in Washington, DC that, like the movie line from “Network”  says, “I’m (We’re) mad as Hell and I’m (we’re) not going to take it anymore!” Has Arizona reached this point? For their sake and for the sake of the country I hope so. Perhaps that “hope and change” will do a 180 degree turn when we have the next presidential election. So far I’ve seen a lot of hope, any change has been either non-existant or for the worse in my opinion.

Watch the nightly news and it’s not uncommon to see video of illegal aliens climbing over the fence at the border with impunity. Sometimes we see that law enforcement has discovered tunnels under the border used to smuggle drugs and humans. Sometimes we see the bad outcome of dead illegals in the middle of nowhere who died of dehydration or froze to death (deserts can get really hot during the day and very cold at night, ask any climatologist).

They’re really an abused part of this picture, too. It doesn’t only have a bad outcome for US citizens. Frankly, you can’t blame them for wanting to leave Mexico. Many of them have no life and little or no chance of having any decent life. The richness of the United States attracts them like a moth to a flame. I will be the first to agree that something needs to be done about the immigration problem, the system as it now stands does need some adjustments.  Times change, regardless of your philosophy. But, that’s for another rant at a later date.

You can’t blame the Border Patrol and other law enforcement. They’re doing a thankless job, with limited resources and manpower. They can’t be everywhere at one time. Blame the people in charge, not the agents.

The border is like a sieve, but it shouldn’t be. What this is, is another indication about why Arizona passed this law. They’re beyond frustrated for the most part with the Federal Governments do nothing attitude. They want something done, they want some control, not the wild west atmosphere the border currently has. This is 2010, not 1915 when Pancho Villa ran wild making incursions into the US. We can deal with this problem. If we actually can’t? Then we’re in a whole lot of trouble.

The Obama Administration has made noises about sending National Guard troops to the border to assist the border patrol. But they will basically be a token show of force with limited or no power to do anything more than look through their binoculars and report what they see and then probably wait until Hell freezes over for anyone to do anything about it. I’d liken it to showing up to a gunfight with a knife.  As an aside, the troops were supposed to be there by yesterday (August 1), but for some strange reason we have delays.  Good thing it’s not a war or it would probably be over before they got there. Will they ever be sent? Who knows?

Note, this is not a diatribe against the National Guard troops. I have no bone to pick with them. The situation and the lack of response from Washington, DC is not their fault. What the National Guard will and will not be allowed to do when they finally do arrive (if ever) isn’t their fault either. I’m not here to pick on those who  serve their country. If they’re unarmed and toothless, blame Washington, DC.

To further see why Arizonan’s are  frustrated, we also need to look at the areas in Arizona that the Federal Government has cautioned visitors about. To be precise there are 5 areas that have the above signs, or similar, posted. This is  a monumental indication that the Federal Government blatantly admits there is a huge problem, yet looks the other way when it gets down to any real solutions. It’s our country, but we’re supposed to be afraid and hide-out. Do something about retaining our sovereignty? Ridiculous! Let’s just put some signs out and tell everyone that we’re perfectly OK with having people who don’t belong here running about with guns and drugs but you citizens need to stay the hell away. Why bother to enforce the law?

There’s a huge amount of land involved! Should I, or anyone else who’s a US Citizen have to  be afraid to go because my government is sitting on their thumbs, pivoting and doing little or nothing? Below is the where, taken  from this article at Tucson Citizen.com

1. Roughly 3,500 acres of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge — about 3 percent of the 118,000-acre park — have been closed since Oct. 6, 2006, when U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials acknowledged a marked increase in violence along a tract of land that extends north from the border for roughly three-quarters of a mile. Federal officials say they have no plans to reopen the area.

2. Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, which shares a 32-mile stretch of the border with Mexico, visitors are warned on a federally-run website that some areas are not accessible by anyone.

3. Visitors are also warned to be mindful of illegal immigrants within Ironwood Forest National Monument, a 129,000-acre federal parkland in the Sonoran Desert.

4. Sonoran Desert National Monument advising that travel in the area is not recommended due to “active drug and human” smuggling.

5. Similar signs have been posted at the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and the Coronado National Forest, which covers nearly 1.8 million acres in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico.

Closing or suggesting people stay out of land in their own country just plain as Hell isn’t right. I don’t care what country you reside in, it’s wrong. This is tantamount to ceding our land to the smugglers and illegals without any legal documents, purchase, or treaty.  It’s legally and morally wrong for the Federal Government to capitulate to drug and human smugglers. We’re suppsed ot be a super-power? This makes us look like a Mickey Mouse 3rd rate country.

You can bet that were the situation reversed and we were running drugs into Mexico, you’d hear the hollering all the way to Washington, DC, without a phone. But, we’re not supposed to say or do anything about it. Insane at best.

The Feds even note how bad things are on their websites. Take the one here about Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, telling US citizens to not avail ourselves of a place that is in our country and paid for by our tax dollars. What a deal that is. Roosevelt had the “New Deal,” I guess Obama will be known for the “Bad Deal.”

You have to wonder what’s next on the agenda? Will the drug cartels invade a US border town and take it over? Will they start taking over people’s houses on this side to run their operations from ? Does the Obama Adminstration give a crap about the public’s safety? Based on what I see thus far, probably not. I’d wager that if any of the above happend they’d probably forget where their cajones were and look the other way.

Here’s what’s next in this Obama and Democrat manufactured soap opera.

A Mexican drug cartel has now put a $1,000,000 price tag on Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s head. Yes an illegal cartel, operating from a foreign country, has put an illegal “hit” out on a guy who’s not only a US Citizen, he’s the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, UNITED STATES! This man has the cross-hairs on his head, just like in the above photo. It’s basically very shameful that our government allows this to happen. It is worse that the voters keep electing people who cheerfully go along with something this nefarious.

Regardless if you like Jose Arapaio or not, this is tantamount to a declaration of war, or about as close as you can get to one without having someone in Mexico City sign a Declaration of War on the United States. Considering the corruption in Mexico, I’d have to wonder if their government hasn’t at least “given the nod?” They are suppsed to be responsible for their own citizens, no matter what their endeavor.

Putting a “hit” on anyone is wrong. Even if you’re a liberal and you want illegal aliens to keep on coming across the border, you have to put the shoe on the other foot and ask yourself  “would I be happy if they put a “hit” order on Bill Clinton? Hillary Clinton? President Obama? Dianne Feinstein? Nancy Pelosi? Or, name your liberal?” I think you’d be very appalled and demand immediate action if it was someone on the liberal side of the fence. It shouldn’t matter if you’re Republican or a Democrat, liberal or conservative. It’s appalling. It’s about the United States, not any particular political “belief system.” Key word “united,” something I don’t see a lot of lately.

As, if all the aforementioned is not enough, you can add that we’ve had an Arizona Sheriff shot with an AK-47, and United States Border Patrol Agents have been advised that some drug cartel(s) have placed a $250,000 bounty upon their lives.  These are US citizens who have and are willing to shed blood to protect us and should not have to face threats like having a bounty upon their lives.

Would you like to go patrol the border, or be a sheriff or police officer in Arizona knowing that someone might be angling to blow your head off so they can get that $250,000 reward from some drug lord? I bet most people wouldn’t get out of bed if they knew they had to face this when they went to the “office.” Remember, their “office” is a patrol vehicle, in the middle of nowhere, with help usually miles away. Think about it.

RIP Border Patrol Agent Robert Wimer Rosas Jr.

There has also been the fairly recent murder of  the above Border Patrol Agent. Look at his photo. This man didn’t deserve to die.  He had a wife, 2-year-old son and 11 month old daughter at the time he was murdered in cold blood. You can go here to the “Officer Down Memorial Page” to read more about him (and others), or just type his name in a search engine and you will have plenty to read.

He was only 30 years old. Sensless, especially considering the people who “enabled” this act are running your government. Of course, they’ll go home to a nice prime rib dinner, pet their dog, have a drink of scotch, kiss their kids and wife goodnight and hit the sack. Something Officer Rosas will never experience again, and something his wife and children were robbed of.

Many in the Federal Government coyly look the other way about the security of our borders so they can score political points while endangering the public and dedicated police officers. I’m amazed they can sleep at night. Frankly, I hope they can’t.

Sarah Palin said yesterday that “Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president does not have,” she said. “If our own president will not enforce our federal law, more power to Jan Brewer.” Well Sarah, I’d say you had it partially correct.  I frankly don’t think many, if any, in the whole Obama Administration or Congress have any cojones, if they do they haven’t descended yet.

So, what’s the Federal Government and the Obama Administration’s excuse for all this? I don’t think they really have a viable one. I think they’re scared cojoneless that they’ll lose of the Hispanic vote this November and this is all a just big political game to them. If some police officers, Border Patrol Agents or civilians get killed due to their inaction, it’s only collateral damage to them and the ends justify the means.

They forget or don’t care that it’s costing the lives of real people, no matter what side of the border they hail from. They also forget that by them condoning illegal immigration, ignoring drug smugglers, suggesting that US citizens stay out of their own national parks, monuments and forest, that they’re sending  a very bad “signal” to everybody south of the border. They’re empowering them, giving them a wink and a nod, telling them that it’s perfectly OK to sneak into the US, smuggle drugs and people, blatantly take over US property, and kill police and Border Patrol Agents with impunity. Hell, put a hit out on a sheriff? No problemo compdre. Talk about setting a bad precedent, this has to be about the ultimate example.

Did you read your history? Remember Hitler? Europe appeased him.  Oh, he only annexed Austria, then he was going to stop. Then the Sudatenland, but that was it. Then he invaded Poland, then France, then most of the rest of Europe, then North Africa, plus he tried in vain to conquer England and Russia. See any parallel here?

Lets see, we’ll let them have some of the border, then they’ll stop. Then they can have Arizona and New Mexico, then they’ll stop. Then what? California” Nevada? Don’t think it can happen? Fall asleep in the voting booth for a couple of decades and watch.

I can’t fathom is why the liberals will condone such vileness, yet, they’re the first people to holler that we need gun control. They also want control of your healthcare, control of much of the auto industry, control of Wall Street and banks, and control of the internet.  Control! Control! Control! That’s what the bottom line is. If they could get away with it they’d tell you what kind of car to buy and how many kids you’re allowed to have. You can bet they’re scheming about it as I type.

Think I’m an Insane Mind? Sit back and do nothing and see what happens. What to do? You have some truly Insane Minds running the government. They need a message sent to them in November. Vote them out. Let the rest of them run around with their asses puckered up. If they don’t change, vote them out. Keep doing it until things return to normal.

What they’re doing is not rational. If it continues  it will bring down this country. Which is what I think some of them truly want.


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